Ishqiya: The Drama Gains Momentum with Hamza's Awaited Exposure!
Ishqiya: The Drama Gains Momentum with Hamza's Awaited Exposure!

Ishqiya: The Drama Gains Momentum with Hamza's Awaited Exposure!

The drama gets even more interesting and intense with Hamza finally getting exposed!
Published 28 Jul, 2020 05:11pm

Much to our surprise, the snooze fest of a plot in Ishqiya gained immense pace with its latest episode. The recent updates in the tale kept us involved in the drama, and Hania Aamir, yet again, proved that she is a queen that will reign on our screens for years to come.

Let’s take a quick review on what happened in Ishqiya this Monday:

It's game over for Hamza

So finally Rumi knows the reality of Hamna and Hamza’s relationship. Her character might seem immature and overexcited to most of us, but the way she handled this situation left us in awe. Calm and composed, she confronted her sister and husband while seizing the whole game in her hands in on go. The scene where she slaps Hamza and stands up for herself proves that a woman like Rumi, who can be sweet and loving to her partner, will not allow him to use her the moment he breaks her trust. Despite being vulnerable and receiving the shock of her life, she stood her ground and didn’t resort to being the weak wife who silently bears her husband’s betrayal.

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Both the sister too had an intense face-off and it was indeed refreshing to eventually witness Hamna break silence over how Hamza has blackmailed her into being silent. The episode ended on a cliff-hanger where Rumi makes a blazing return to Hamza’s home, only to expose him in front of his parents.

What will Rumi do next?

While Rumi, who is now with a child, has pulled herself together like a boss; she still seemingly has no plan ahead on how to handle this excruciating matter.

The promo of the next episode shows Rumi fainting due to extreme mental exertion. Will this cause her to lose her baby, like it happens in every clichéd tale? We hope not! Meanwhile, the fate of Hamna and Azeem’s rocky relationship has a big question mark. Will Azeem leave her now that nothing is a secret or well he able to give her the respect a wife deserves? We wonder what the makers of the drama have now in store for us.

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Take a bow, Hania Aamir!

Over the past months, we have seen a transition in Rumi’s moods as the plot thickens. We have seen her as the stubborn daughter, bubbly beauty of a wife, a melancholic child who lost her father, a jubilant expecting mother and now her role has evolved as that of a lioness who will protect herself from betrayal.

Hania Aamir has effortlessly aced all these various emotions and shades of Rumi in this drama. The starlet has proved that she has immense versatility in her performance and you cannot resist admiring her ability to pull off so many variations alone in one character.

This week, Ishqiya, pulled itself out from the dull state of the plot and took it to an all-time high. However, the promo of the upcoming episode didn’t show much of a progress in the plot. If Ishqiya wants to end with a bang, it will have to continue with the steady and solid pace both the audience and the story deserves!