Sindh High Court Revokes PEMRA's Ban on Jalan

The TV show will air on time due to Sindh High Court suspending PEMRA's ban.
Updated 17 Sep, 2020 02:04pm

Recently, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulating Authority had previously banned a slew of drama serials, including Pyar Ke Sadqay, Ishqiya, and most recently, Jalan, for 'indecent' content.

PEMRA had cited reasons pertaining to the storyline, calling it inappropriate as well as going against the moral fabric of Pakistani society. However, Sindh High Court has suspended PEMRA's ban, stating that the show will air as per schedule.

Senior Journalist, Omair Alavi announced on his social media platform that Sindh High Court reverted PEMRA's decision, further stating how 'This was bound to happen because PEMRA is supposed to regulate, not ban a drama.'

Jalan's controversial storyline caught the attention of many since its first episode, but PEMRA's ban was overruled a day before the drama's next episode was set to air. It was also reported that the cast and team of Jalan were in talks with PEMRA, about managing the content.

The drama will air on schedule as Jalan has been cleared, viewers wait to see what the serial has in store.