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Image: Trip Advisor

Coffee Wagera Responds to Angry Customers in the Most Tactful Way

Coffee Wagera doesn't shy away from conflict, especially when it comes to defending its services.
Updated 28 Sep, 2020 02:52pm

Mush Panjwani, the owner of restaurant chain, 'Coffee Wagera' responded to an aggrieved customer on the SWOT's Guide to Karachi's Restaurants, Cafe's, Dhabas and Takeout on facebook. The customer took to the social media platform to share their views and Coffee Wagera fired back with a timely response.

"Thank you so much for visiting Coffee Wagera. And thank you so much for posting your complaint. Here’s what happened, based on CCTV footage and a detailed investigation with the store owner and the store manager just now:

-You came with your wife.

-You waited outside; your wife came inside.

-Your wife found two of her old friends (Barira and Misbah).

-She chatted with them for about 10 minutes before placing the order.

-Her order of Blended Iced Cappuccino with Vanilla was served within 10 minutes.

-She was asked how her coffee was; she asked to add sugar.

-She seemed happy with the beverage after sugar was added.

-She spent another 5-10 mins talking to her friends before leaving.

Next time, please consider complaining at the outlet if you find your beverage or snack less than awesome. We’d be happy to fix, replace or refund the full amount.

Please also consider switching off the car and coming inside to save on the diesel cost. Also, there’s a whatsapp number on the receipt for complaints, which is my number. That gives me an opportunity to personally talk to you and understand the problem better.

But if you prefer coming to SWOT, that’s ok too.

I am here for you :)

PS. Blended Cappuccino: 336 Vanilla Ice Cream add-on: 62 Takeaway glass: 20 Total: 418 With GST: 472”

The group member of the well known group regarding food and a guide to restaurants and café’s SWOT's guide to food complained about the service and how Coffee Wagera was not efficient with their work and this was regarding the Sharfabad branch. He tried to roll his dice and it acted against him because his complaint falsely regarding the Café and The manager of the café was quite active on the group himself so he replied to this post with much respect and tact as we could see. He talked about how this was false blame and not their fault but the customer’s wife for the order being late because she was busy catching up with her friends, the manager had already done his homework regarding this case because he saw the CCTV footage before handling this complaint. So he gave all the exact situation and time regarding the entire scenario and politely informed that it was his wife who got you late but not them.

So it was a clear bummer for the customer as he was told off by the Café for alleged false charges without knowing the facts and whether your wife is getting you late. So we should always get our facts correct and check all our corners before pointing at someone at a public platform especially which is known and used by all Facebook members.

Thank you Coffee Wagera for being so efficient and polite in dealing with customers.