Prem Gali: The Struggle of Living in a Joint Family System

We've reviewed the latest going on in Prem Gali and the struggles of living in a joint family!
Published 09 Dec, 2020 05:06pm

Prem Gali is a story full of laughter and what one would refer to as a 'stress reliever' show but in the latest episode, it had a strong message of accepting the trans-gender community in our society and treating them kindly like Hamza (Farhan Saeed) did in the drama.

This new dimension of the story brilliantly delivered the message of basic human rights. Well, Joya (Sohai Ali Abro) and Hamza are struggling to spend time together and their overly involved families are creating havoc and chaos in their lives.

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Farhan Saeed as Hamza and Sohai Ali Abro as Joya seem quite irritated by the behaviour of each other's respective families, but no family member has clue about it, so far. Hamza has unfortunately made a daily habit of getting late for his job because of Rahat Nani’s (Shamim Hilaly) breakfast and Joya is confused between her strict mother and emotional aunt who keep offering up different pieces of advice. The fun element is always there to enjoy even in anxious moments on Prem Gali!

The New Tenant in Town

The newest resident of Prem Gali and latest tenant of Haseena (Farah Shah) is an amazing new chapter which has made the show even more interesting. The writer, Faiza Iftikhar, has our undivided attention and appreciation for her significant portrayal of the trans-community and their struggles, showing their story and how many of them are ostracized simply because of their predicament.

Javed Sheikh's Anticipated Arrival

Joya’s father, Na Maloom Afraad's Javed Sheikh as Manzoor, is going to make a fiery entry in Prem Gali soon and it seems he’s going to hire Hamza for a job in his company. We can assume Shireen (Saba Hameed) is also going to have blissful future ahead in the story when her highly anticipated husband's arrival becomes a reality on the show.

However, on the other hand, she has also started to feel insecure and sensitive and we can only wonder what to expect in the coming episodes.

Farhan Saeed as Hamza Seals the Deal

Hamza's behaviour was a positive aspect to note in the latest episode, especially when the three new trans-gender characters of the drama, the trio Abdul Maria, Bubbly Shakoor and Ahmed Jahan made their debut, adding an element of fun to the story. Hamza's humane side was shown further, earning our respect as the viewers.

While the entire family is under one roof, Joya and Hamza are trying to steal time to spend some cherished moments together but who can stop the possessive and overbearing family members? Prem Gali's relatability and spark is what has audiences hooked to the show, waiting to see more and how each narrative is presented, as well as how different societal topics are addressed in future episodes!