Dil Na Umeed : Yumna Zaidi & Kashif Mehmood Steal The Spotlight

The multi-starrer Dil Na Umeed To Nahi has an intense storyline of never giving up hope that has viewers engaged!
Published 19 Feb, 2021 05:36pm

The Story So Far

The drama continues with parallel timelines being shown together. Sumbul, savera and the rest of the call-girls mourn Ramshas death. Sumbul overhears the Aunty, the doctor and Nizami making a deal of PKR 1 crore with Pasha in order to sweep Ramshas matter under the rug, unable to tolerate this injustice Sumbul decides to escape but unfortunately she is caught by the notorious Aunty Shamim’s henchman (Adnan Tipu Sharif) who then beats her black and blue, punishing her for running away.

Back to Naseem Zehra’s story, her father is accompanied by his manipulative friend (Naeem) Kashif Mehmood to pay a visit to the child’s principal at school. Naeem forces the principal to separate the co-education system in the school as he deems it is un-Islamic and is the root cause of the many evils in the society. However, he seems to fall flat on his face in the argument against the principal who gives him a befitting answer to every problem he raises.

The track showing, Sumbuls childhood as Allah Rakhee continues with her father attaining the loan they need in order to get their older daughter married. They begin the wedding preparations with zest without knowing that the boy Jamsheds’ friend steals some of this money and then the three boys run away to Lahore. On the bus while the boys fall asleep a man pickpockets all that stolen money leaving them with nothing. After having a mighty meal, one of the boy discovers they have no money and the two older boys run away leaving the innocent Jamshed all alone in a new city to fend for himself. This is where we are introduced to the dubious Baba Rakha who seems to have been watching from afar, he swoops in and pays the debts to the restaurant owner and then takes the crying Jamshed to a room where other boys are fast asleep.

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Yumna Zaidi delivers a thundering performance as Sumbul!

Just as the title suggests, not losing hope is what Sumbul’s character is about. Although she knew how dangerous it was for her to escape, she still tried her best again even after failing a couple of times before. Yumna performs her character brilliantly, portraying a prostitute who definitely has a mind of her own and wants to be free of this life.

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Yasra Rizvi’s Role Will Leave You Speechless!

Yasra Rizvi’s role as Sumbul’s confidante and the role of her elder sister is definitely what Sumbul needs as a support in this dark world they live in. Her dialogue in the episode gave us chills and left us speechless.

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Kashif Mehmood Makes a Come-Back in a Villanious Role!

The veteran actor has made quite a comeback in this villainous role, as the cunning and manipulative friend to Naseem Zehras father. He not only stares at the little girl making her uncomfortable but also brainwashes the men in the society against women’s rights and their independency. Every time he comes on screen, you cannot stop yourself from hating his character, that is how well he embodies his role!

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Thumbs Up For the Team Behind DNUTN! The drama is produced by Kashf Foundation which works towards empowering women. Dil Na Umeed to Nahi covers a number of topics such as prostitution, child kidnapping and the rights of a girl-child. It is directed by Kashif Nisar who has a number of accolades under his belt, while it is penned down by Amna Mufti.

What’s Next?

We are anxiously waiting for Noman Ijaz and Wahaj Ali to make an entrance in the drama and how they are tied into the entire plot. Will Sumbul try and escape again? Watch the next episode to find out!