Upcoming Drama Laapata’s Teasers Have us Anxiously Waiting for It!

Starring Ayeza Khan, Sarah Khan, Ali Rehman Khan and Gohar Rasheed, the drama looks promising!
Published 08 Jul, 2021 06:20pm

Pakistani drama lovers are in for a treat with some exciting new shows lined up one after the other. Hum TV has announced yet another block-buster in the making with a notable cast, drama ‘Laapata’ has been making quite a stir since the release of its teasers. Starring Ayeza Khan, Ali Rehman Khan, Sarah Khan and Gohar Rasheed in lead roles, the upcoming drama is written and directed by Khizer Idrees who already has films such as Verna, Superstar and Zindagi Tamasha under his belt, we can’t wait for him to bring something new and refreshing to our TV screens with Laapata.

Here’s what we know from the teasers; Ayeza Khan plays the role of Geeti, a popular tiktoker who is cheerful, bubbly, and a total drama queen.

Geeti definitely does remind us of Ayeza’s role un HUM Tv’s Ramadan play where she was playing the overly dramatic Minahil. The teasers do suggest that she may be playing a slightly negative role in the drama however, only time will tell what the story actually is.

A love triangle between Gaiti, Shams and Falak (Sarah Khan) seems to be brewing as seen in the OST. Ali Rehman Khan plays Shams, a gambling addict who is care-free and head-over-heels in love with Sarah Khan’s ‘Falak’.

Sarah Khan plays a badminton player in the show and seems to be a complete opposite of Shams as far as the teasers show.

Lapata’s first teaser shows the sizzling chemistry between the gorgeous Sarah Khan and the dapper stud with blue eyes, Ali Rehman Khan.

The OST gives us a glimpse to Shams and Falak’s wedding but we also see Ayeza’s Geeti pining for Shams in another teaser, thus the story has piqued our interest and we can’t wait to check it out!

Gohar Rasheed is playing the role of Daniyal but we know nothing else about him, Rasheed has not been spotted in any of the teasers neither is he in the OST, he's truly 'laapata'. The mystery of Daniyal has caught our attention and we’re wondering whether he’s playing the antagonist or the protagonist this time.

Laapata’s OST is sure to get you moving to its beat!

The fast paced rhythmic melody is different from the rest of the OST’s on air at the moment, a fusion of contemporary and classic music, we can absolutely see it getting popular and hitting the number 1 spot on the top 10 charts! Sung by the talented Kiran Waseem and Tehseen W Chishty, the melodious tune is composed by Farhan Zameer and its lyrics are penned by Wardah Lodhi.