Here’s All That Has Taken Place On Qissa Meherbano Ka Over The Last Few Weeks!

One of the most nail-biting narratives on HUM TV these days, Qissa Meherbano Ka is marching to its own drums with a...
Published 04 Oct, 2021 01:41pm

One of the most nail-biting narratives on HUM TV these days, Qissa Meherbano Ka is marching to its own drums with a story that is no short of an epic. There’s been a bit of everything happen over the past few weeks, but it seems now the story is taking a turn which would have a massive toll on the eponymous Meherbano.

What all has been happening over the past few weeks and what did this Saturday’s episode bring into the lives of Meherbano, Mehran, and the Mehtab household?

Let’s dissect…

We’ve been seeing Meherbano coming to terms with her past, where she was left at the altar by Murad owing to a skirmish between Meherbano’s brother and his wife – who was also Murad’s sister. Now, we see those wounds getting worse as over the last few episodes the story has unfolded that Murad might return. Well, that ‘might’ turned into ‘will’ last episode as he actually does come back into her life.

Taking this up a notch, we find Abba Mian and Murad in a conversation where the latter asks to finally take Meherbano with him to her purported home. This albeit unsettling for everyone, is accepted by Abba Mian as he believes it might finally be something good for Meherbano. For her on the other hand though, it is hardly something to celebrate.

Dealing with a decade of trauma, this sets Meherbano to question why he’s back in the first place. If it was in fact Murad’s wish to take her home, then how did it take him 10 years to take a decision. Analysing all of this, Meherbano decides to say no to the offer – only to find something even more traumatic in front of her.

Any guesses? Mehran, of course! We find the lovelorn Mehran still not being able to get over Meherbano despite her constant disapproval against his forwardness towards her. Well, not one to back down, we find him still pushing to ask for Meherbano’s hand. He takes it forward so much so, that he ends up coming into the house late at night and asks her to run away with him so they can elope. This turns on to be the final straw for Meherbano.

Taking this as further humiliation of her self-respect, Meherbano takes a decision that might not be the best one for her. She decides to agree to go to Murad’s house with him as a way to escape the stark reality she lives in, where Mehran is pursuing her and she lives a life of uncertainty.

While the decision doesn’t settle well with anyone – Meherbano included, we find her finally bidding farewell to her family and taking a leap towards Murad’s home. But, of course, the drama doesn’t end. We find that she is still as unwelcomed in that household as she always was. Afiya – her ex-sister-in-law’s family, is yet to forgive them or Meherbano, for their decision of divorce. She is made to feel like an outside in that house, and we find scornful eyes set on her.

The episode suggests that there’s definitely a storm brewing in the distance, and it might be coming towards Meherbano faster than she knows. For now, she’s in unknown territory but it seems, there’s a lot that will make her understand what is going around her.

We guess, we will have to wait and watch as the story gets interesting by the second!