A New Entry Changes Things Altogether In Qissa Meherbano Ka!

Mashal Khan enters Qissa Meherbano ka as the Fiery 'Fari'
Published 12 Oct, 2021 02:18pm

Qissa Meherbano Ka has taken its fair share of twists in the last few weeks, but it was last week that the story started going in a manner where we saw each and every character coming into the story to build a narrative that may not end well for Meherbano. This week too, we see a new entry into the show, and it definitely turns up the tension even more!

Starting the episode with Meherbano still feeling the unwelcomed vibes from almost everyone in her purported in-laws house, it is revealed that there is way more devious behaviour up Murad’s sleeves than what one thought as his real wife, Fari (played by Mashal Khan) walks in! Finding out that she too has suddenly become the third part in this marriage trio between Meherbano and Murad, the story goes forward it being revealed to Fari that her husband has been in Nikkah with Meherbano for the last 10 years! Not only does this set Fari on a rampage but we find her threatening Murad to divorce her as soon as possible – something which Murad cannot afford to do as it is revealed he lives in not his, but her home!

Things seem to be only getting worse for Meherbano, but it seems it’s not only because of Murad and his family, but because of Fari. While she is not shown as an overtly evil or villainous character – for now, she is rightfully shown questioning her husband’s intentions over getting Meherbano now – which is something that Murad’s mother has also been asking for a while. So, any guesses why he brought her here? Well, Meherbano does have a lot of property that he can get on his name if plays his cards right!

Revealed that Murad is in fact in debt and has only brought Meherbano to the house so that they can scheme to get the property she might have on their name, it is the large plan that Murad has just given a push start to. However, it seems Fari is now the obstacle in the way of her husband’s devious plan which is as selfish as Murad’s personality.

As the episode continues, we find Fari realizing this all and wanting to leave the house. Only for her mother-in-law to intervene and reveal that she shouldn’t leave the house as there is a larger plan than the one Murad has made – and that is to make Meherbano pay for the alleged sins of her brother – due to whom Afia, her daughter had passed away. She makes Fari understand that if she stays, she can also partake in ‘destroying’ Meherbano in their evil ways.

Fari, who seems a bit reluctant for now, has agreed for them most part. But does this mean that it’s a beginning of the end for Meherbano’s wish for happiness for just once? Well, it seems so. But she does find herself thinking of Mehran. Is this a hint that something else is about to happen soon? Well, we’ll find out soon! Till then all we can say is that we are hooked!