Bakhtawar: Will Sheeda Reveal Bakhtawar's True Identity?

Yumna Zaidi steals the show impersonating a boy in Bakhtawar!
Published 25 Oct, 2022 12:15am

Drama serial Bakhtawar has been the talk of the town since its very first episode aired on screen. Starring Yumna Zaidi in the leading role, Bakhtawar has caught the attention of drama viewers, Zaidi plays a double role in the show where she poses as a boy, 'Bakhtoo' in order to earn a livelihood and survive in a big city like Karachi. The drama serial also stars Zaviyar Ejaz in a supporting role playing the role of a Feudal lord's son, 'Dilawar Malik'. We are loving their chemistry on screen and can't wait to see how the story unfolds next!

Let's catch up on what the latest episode of Bakhtawar was all about:

Sheeda and Bakhtawar's Chase Has left us anxious!

The episode showed a cat and mouse chase between Bakhtoo and Sheeda, not only is he after Bakhtoo but he is also harassing Malik Dilawar’s fiance by repeatedly calling her and accusing Malik of having an affair with Bakhtawar. She keeps avoiding his calls and hanging up on him but he is relentless. Sheeda is burning for vengeance and wants revenge for Bakhtawar who has bruised his ego by slapping him and refusing to become his ‘lady’.

He follows Bahtawar to her interview and then to the restaurant where she turns into Bakhtoo. Just as she is leaving the two come face face and Sheeda tries his best to catch her. Bakhtoo escapes and arrives at Dilawar’s home where his engagement preparations are in full swing.

Bakhtawar's Neighbors Sense Something Fishy

The neighbours in the drama are the most annoying bunch you'd ever meet. Not only do they continue to shame Bakhtawar and her choice of studying, they even enforced complete covering (Purdah) on her. Previously, they broke into Bakhtawar's home after assuming a man has entered her house, their holier than though attitude is definitely sickening. Fortunately they did not find anything incriminating against her but they certainly continue to keep an eye on her whereabouts at all times.

Will Sheeda spill the beans and reveal Bakhtawar's identity or will he begin blackmailing her in order to take her advantage? Find out in the next episode of Bakhtawar.