Taqdeer Episode 25-28: Romi Loses Her Biggest Support

Asad refuses to believe his wife because he cannot understand how his mother could be so cruel to Romi, and Fehmida...
Published 29 Nov, 2022 06:39pm

Asad refuses to believe his wife because he cannot understand how his mother could be so cruel to Romi, and Fehmida continues to be the harsh saas to Romi. Romi's father, however, found Fehmida's toxic behavior toward her intolerable, and as a result, Romi loses her father.

Taqdeer is directed by Mohsin Talat and is written by Doorway entertainment. The cast of Taqdeer includes Sami Khan, Alizeh Shah, Javed Sheikh, Amna Malik, Khalid Anum, Saba Faisal, Maryam Noor, Zain Afzal, Aliya Ali, and others. The protagonist, Romaisa nicknamed Romi (Alizeh Shah), is a naive young girl who grows up in a home where she was loved and pampered as she was the only daughter and youngest sister. After marrying Asad (Sami Khan) she only suffers and is exploited by her in-laws.

Saad advises Asad to trust Romi since because he was with her when they saw Zuni (Maryam Noor) with some guy. Asad finds it hard to believe, so he decides to go to Zunis College to find proof. Asad discovers that Zuni lied about attending college while missing the most of her classes at her college.

Asad confronts Zuni, but Maheen (Aliya Ali) defends her by saying that Zuni was with her and ill, so they went to the clinic to receive a drip.

Romi is forced to disclose the truth, and Tahir (Javed Sheikh)asks what actually happened. Tahir has invited Asad to meet with him and discuss this matter after learning that Romi's hand was burned by her mother-in-law.

Fehmida (Saba Faisal) is eager to accompany Asad when she discovers that Tahir has asked to meet her so., Fehmida plays the sweetest person in Romi's house, pleading with them to forgive her and allow them to take their beloved Bahu back. Asad, however, is not pleased that his mother begged for forgiveness from everyone in Romi's house. Romi receives a warning from him that no one will bring her back if she goes to her house once more.

Maheen is now more well-liked by everyone, especially since she revealed they are pregnant. Fehmida tells Maheen that Romi is here to take care of the house chores, and she should just rest and take care of herself.

Tahir is becoming ill as a result of learning that his daughter is being mistreated by her in-laws. Tahir decides to pay a visit to Romi's home, on his way he meets Fehmida's old maid who informs him of the awful circumstances in which Romi is living.

As soon as he enters Romi’s house he sees Fehmida punishing Romi for not cleaning. This makes him furious and he suffers a heart attack right there. Asad informs Romi's family about Tahir being in the hospital. The doctor tells them that he has suffered a very severe heart attack and they should be prepared for any kind of news. Despite prayers and efforts Tahir passes away.

Romi is treated the same way—or even worse—when she returns home following the death of her father because Fehmida has overworked the maid, who quits. Romi is being left to handle everything despite Asad's meagre attempts to ease her burden.

Asad will now begin to question Romi's character because he now doubts Saad being too frank with Roomi. It seems like Romi's life will only become worse. We are unsure of whether to admire or dislike Sami Khan's portrayal of Asad because, regrettably, most men in our society behave in exactly the same way. Romi being the perpetual damsel in distress is getting extremely annoying, so we hope to see some positive happen to her.