Bandish 2, Episode 29: Sameer’s in Jail

Sameer returns home after realizing his mother needs him, but it appears that Inaam has turned against Rabail's...
Published 02 Dec, 2023 02:52pm

Sameer returns home after realizing his mother needs him, but it appears that Inaam has turned against Rabail's family and has had Sameer arrested by deceiving him.

Wania and Sameer decided to return to their home after learning that Hoorain had told them about Humaira poisoning Wania's tea while under the influence of the entity that had been disturbing them. Meanwhile, Rabail and Hassam left their house because Inaam wanted Hassam to leave Rabail because, according to Irsa, she was the one who pushed her down the stairs, they went to Humaira's house. Humaira, on the other hand, opened the gate and requested them to leave because Hassam and Inaam were causing so many issues for Sameer. She refused to even let them in. Rabail and Hassam both went to a hotel to stay.

Humaira requested Wania to forgive her when Sameer returned home, but they told her that they knew it wasn't her who tried to poison Wania. Inaam contacted Sameer and requested him to bring his cheque book; when he arrived at his office, he asked Sameer to sign a cheque for him so that he could show it to the other party as a time granter. While Sameer was initially hesitant, he agreed at Inaam's request. However, Inaam duped him and had him imprisoned for issuing him an invalid cheque. Police arrived at their house and arrested Sameer.

Wania and Humaira were both concerned and phoned Hassam to ask him why they had done this to them. Hassam assured them he knew nothing about it and invited them to come to the hotel where they were staying to discuss it. They were surprised to learn that Hassam and Rabail were staying at a hotel. But when they went there, they discovered how Inaam was acting out of rage over Hassam leaving the family. When Rabail complained to Humaira about her cold behavior when they came to her house, Humaira was taken aback. She stated that she is unaware of their visit to the house. Rabail claimed that Hassam was also with her, but she refused to let them in. Wania stated that the day in question was when Humaira was ill and was only resting, and that even though she was at home with Humaira, no one came to the house, nor did Humaira go to answer the door. They were all taken aback when they found out.

Hassam went to see Inaam and ask him why he did such a thing to Sameer because Rabail's family is really concerned about him being locked up. Inaam stated that he wasn't going to take back the FIR and instructed his office's guard not to allow Hassam to enter the building again.

Meanwhile, Baba Saein meets Manahil together with Farhana, and since Farhana is concerned about Armaan's career, who was also fired from Inaam's workplace. Baba Saein advised Manahil to talk to her brother about making Armaan his business partner, and he even provided her a taweez to help her do so.

Farhana has completely trapped Manahil with her evil magic and is prepares to marry her to Armaan without her mother's approval because Sameer once came to meet her at Farhana's house. Sameer even apologized to Farhana for his prior behavior, which she mistook for his approval.

While Wania and Humaira are worried and discussing what has been happening, Humaira informs her that it is all Farhana and Baba Saein's doing and that they have joined forces to destroy her family. She told her how Farhana has been keeping grudges against Humaira since the day her husband handed his brother (Farhana's Husband) his share of the property and everything, but their business failed miserably. Wania, on the other hand, dismissed this idea, claiming that why would she be thinking about such an old enmity and that she had always witnessed Farhana being good to them. Also, Baba Saein is a highly pohnchay huay buzurg, and people go from far and wide to him for help with incredibly huge challenges which he solves.

It appears that more secrets are being unearthed, and Humaira and family will soon be entirely exposed to Farhana and Baba Saein's sinister plans. We don't understand why Sameer is so unpredictable; when everyone liked Farhana, he was against her, and now, despite his mother telling him everything about Farhana and her hatred for them, he refuses to believe that she could be the one performing black magic and causing all of these problems. We're delighted Wania and Sameer are back at their house, and we hope something good happens to them in the next episode. What do you think will happen when everyone recognizes Baba Saein and Farhana's true faces? Let us know in the comments section.