Bandish 2 Episode 8: Is Rabail in Love or In Trouble?

Farhana's Baba Saein reassured her that the dead bird was a sign that she was advancing in status and strength....
Published 23 Jun, 2023 02:42pm

Farhana's Baba Saein reassured her that the dead bird was a sign that she was advancing in status and strength. Rabail is now aware of her Boss's emotions and appears to be over her broken engagement.

Things start to improve a little bit after Farhana's black magic began to produce results and the family suffered a significant loss due to the factory fire. When Sameer first meets Rabail's boss, Hassam, he is very impressed with both his offer and demeanor. It appears that they will soon begin a successful partnership.

Farhana's baba Saeein has reassured her that she need not be concerned about dead animals because they are merely a symbol of her growing strength and are giving themselves up as a gift. However, she is given yet another risky task.

Hoorain's school calls Wania to talk about something involving the student. Hoorain's teacher appears concerned because she appears to be falling behind in her studies and to be absorbed in her own thoughts. Wania saw her copies from her teacher that had some writing in another language. She requests that Wania give Hoorain enough attention and time. When Wania tells Sameer about it, he scolds her for being superstitious again.

At work, Hassam and Rabail are getting ready for a meeting, but as they were leaving, Hassam saw that his shirt's button had snapped, which would look unprofessional and give off an awful image. Rabail provided (unnecessary) help by sewing his button right there in the office. She seems to have thoroughly won Hassam over. Armaan, though, saw this incredibly awkward interaction between the two.

Hassam and Rabail appear to get along well, and despite the fact that she has completed the work she was assigned for the day, Hassam makes an effort to get Rabail to stay with him in the office. He tells her that he would bring a proposal to her house and that he will discuss the matter with his brother.

As soon as Rabail enters her home, she notices her ex-fiance and his mother seated next to her mother. Since she has moved on and is just thinking about Hassam these days, Rabail was very surprised and somewhat concerned to see them. Rabail did not meet her ex-fiance's mother, who had come to apologise for their inappropriate behaviour. While Humaira and Sameer accepted their apology, Rabail's mother in law insisted that the wedding go as initially planned. However, after observing Rabail's odd behavior, Humaira requested them for some time because things had changed and they had decided against carrying out the wedding. Farhana appears quite pleased when Armaan tells her what he witnessed Rabail doing at the office because this will cause issues for Rabail and the entire family.

There was nothing really creepy about this episode, and it even seemed to send the wrong message about office-going women. We were terribly let down by the direction Rabail and Hassam's story went. The entire scene in which Rabail sews the button on his shirt was unnecessary, and to top it all off, they added more by demonstrating how she is staying late at work only because her new boss, who has since become her boyfriend, wants her to. In addition to sending the wrong message for other working women, whose families could believe that this is what typically occurs at workplaces, this makes the character's entire persona less likeable and raises many questions.

We also didn't appreciate how Sameer consistently dismissed his wife's worries for their daughter and reacted in a shallow, misogynistic manner, believing that women usually speak nonsense. The entire episode might have been scripted better by giving each character stronger character traits and letting their story unfold in a way that was more forward-thinking than belittling. Do you believe Hassam is sincere about Rabail, and if not, what could his motivations be? Post a comment and let us know.