'Oye Moti’ Highlights a Deeper Issue in Pakistani Society

'Oye Moti' opens up a deeper discussion about body-shaming in society.
Published 06 Feb, 2021 02:05pm

Express TV’s ‘Oye Moti’ is a special series which presents an entirely different concept, focusing on issues plaguing the mindset of Pakistani society when it comes to looks, attributes and furthermore, potential.

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With Hajra Yamin’s teaser images released, the audience is made aware of the trials and tribulations faced by people who may look different due to their appearance and most notably, weight. As Hajra morphs into the character of a not-so-skinny girl in the episodes to come, she identifies a very real, negative perception society has of her, just because of her being ‘moti’. The current ‘trend’, one could say, is being thin or slim, completely shunning those who may not possess the ‘desired qualities’ such as an attractive appearance. Work ethic, talent, personality and more are all cast aside, being dependent on if a person is ‘fat’, which encourages a culture of body-shaming.

‘Oye Moti’ sheds light on a deeper issue than what it sounds like, emphasising the negative effects of bullying, judging and body-shaming those who may not fit a certain ‘ideal’ physically. With Hajra’s character being one that suffers the jabs from people due to her being overweight, a bigger problem is exposed, i.e. the way society has been programmed to think, thus influencing the way everybody behaves and treats others.

Express TV’s latest series is tackling a very serious problem in the modern world addressing weight, bullying, shaming and ridiculing which happens if people do not like the way another person looks. A very real message is presented in ‘Oye Moti’, and shall open the doors for a genuine discussion to take place soon!