Berukhi Takes Yet Another Surprising Turn!

Creating good buzz around its content over the past few week’s ARY Digital and iDream Entertainment’s Berukhi ...
Published 03 Oct, 2021 12:41pm

Creating good buzz around its content over the past few week’s ARY Digital and iDream Entertainment’s Berukhi has been giving fans a lot to watch out for. There has been massive drama unfolding over the previous episodes, and it seems to have only gotten larger than life this episode with Sabeen’s life taking centerstage in a big way.

We find the episode continuing from where we left off last week when it was revealed that Barey Aba had died by suicide owing to the many serpentine turns the story had taken over the past two episodes. This week, the turns took yet another downward spiral as we find Sabeen saying yes to Kamran’s proposal.

So, hold up. How did it all happen? Let’s break it down.

The episode starts with Maira’s mother trying to find a Rishta for her, where she is even willing to bribe a Euro trip if Maira is married off to a rich family. That’s where she is reminded that until Sabeen and her family are near, it would be impossible to find someone wanting to marry into their family – as they come from a lower stratum of society. Coincidentally, we see Sabeen’s mother hearing all of this. Things go even worse when we see the two mothers in a situation where Sabeen’s mother is preyed upon even further. We find her locked out in the sun – which subsequently leads to her getting a heatstroke.

If things weren’t getting worse enough, we find Kamran taking advantage of this situation and coming to their ‘rescue’ by being the nice soul for them and helping Sabeen’s family in the hospital. Sabeen, seeing this, actually ends up thinking Kamran might be a nice person, and develops alleged feelings. We can already tell how perilous this is going to be for Sabeen.

Further on, we find Kamran taking the ruse further so much so, that he even slaps Maira as a concocted plan to show how almost subservient he is to Sabeen. This too later is revealed to be a plan where he even tells his niece that he plans on doing all of this to get in Sabeen’s good books. Seeing all of this ‘change’ in Kamran, we find Kamran asking for Sabeen’s hand from her mother and the latter approving it. We even see Sabeen agreeing to it all.

Seeing all of this, we only find Maira’s father as the voice of reason who suggests that he doesn’t feel right about this decision and that his late brother would probably have not agreed to it all. Alas, the villainous traits of Maira’s mother come forward once again and she gets them all to agree.

On the other hand, we also find Maira’s father suggesting Sana’s proposal for Nabeel, which turns out to be a happy moment for the former. However, for Nabeel, it turns into a worrisome thought as he wonders if he’d be able to provide her with the lifestyle Sana is so used to. Thus, Nabeel goes on to hold the proposal for now, claiming that he hasn’t said no, and that he will consider it after some thought.

Well, now we just have to wait and see how it all unfolds as things are taking quite a rapid turn! We’re sure there’s a storm brewing and we are already on the edge of our seats for it!