Ahsan Khan Joins Forces With The National Commission on the Rights of Child for Their Campaign ‘Bachon Ki Hifazat, Hamari Zimedari’

The Pakistani society is riddled with rising cases of child abuse, it was reported that more than 2800 cases were...
Published 18 Nov, 2021 10:43am

The Pakistani society is riddled with rising cases of child abuse, it was reported that more than 2800 cases were reported in the year, 2019 with an average of 8 cases per day in the country. This societal evil has dangerously destroyed thousands of children along the way and has been increasing with every passing year. The violence against children is a vicious cycle, it is complex and prevalent but it can surely be put to an end if everyone decides to take a stand against it. To begin the battle against child abuse the National Commission on the Rights of Child has launched a special campaign titled, ‘Bachon Ki Hifazat, Hamari Zimedari”

Renown actor, tv host and media personality, Ahsan Khan is the NCRC’s good will ambassador and has joined forces with them against child abuse. Ahsan Khan features in the latest campaign by the NCRC and is raising awareness against this menacing societal evil. Khan believes that child abuse can be tackled in the country and has voiced his opinions on various platforms. The actor has been an advocate for child rights and has often participated in such movements. We are all aware of how he utilised the power of entertainment to create awareness of child abuse, molestation and exploitation via his HUM TV drama, ‘Udaari’.

The NCRC has released a series of posters and three videos under the campaign, “Bachon Ki Hifazat, Hamari Zimedari” all of these focus on the collective role of a society in protecting the children and safeguarding their rights. We see Ahsan Khan talking to children, parents and teachers where he sheds light on the various misconceptions associated with child exploitation, abuse and helps in empowering and educating them on how to respond to such incidents and the importance of reporting them. The campaign covers key information on the tell-tale signs of child abuse, how to spot an abuser and educating the children on ‘good’ and ‘bad’ touch in layman terms. The campaign is a great initiative by the NCRC and is highly informative, it is scheduled to be screened in schools and community centre's in order to reach out to a greater number of people.

Educating the masses on child abuse is the first step to prevention and this is what we see Ahsan Khan doing in the NCRC campaign video and posters. He talks to the children, parents and care-givers on different forms of child abuse and exploitation and what can one do when facing such situations. The campaign focuses on the protective and responsive measures children, parents and adults should take to ensure children are safe from child abuse.

To combat any societal ill the society must come together as a collective unit and take action against it. The NCRC campaign is targeting the masses and educating them against the various forms of child abuse and exploitation which is the need of the hour. The NCRC is calling for holistic action against child abuse and encourages the society to act responsibly.

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