News Update: Tenants Likely to Get Two Month Reprieve
News Update: Tenants Likely to Get Two Month Reprieve

News Update: Tenants Likely to Get Two Month Reprieve

Tenants are now likely to get a two-month reprieve sanctioned by the Pakistan Government amid the COVID-19 crisis.
Updated 02 May, 2020 08:17pm

The Sindh and Punjab government is considering on giving exemption to tenants from payment of two months in the view prevailing socioeconomic conditions that have emerged due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Sources in the Sindh government disclosed to The Express Tribune that the provincial authorities have chosen to carry mandate to alter the Sindh Rented Premises Ordinance, 1979. Punjab Government also annulled two months of payment for tenants. The Punjab Home Department on Monday gave a request declaring help for inhabitants living on lease in the territory.

"During the time of lock-down, no landowner will expel any inhabitant strongly, illicitly or without fair treatment of law, by virtue of non-installment/postponement of installment of lease. This request will stay in power in Punjab for a time of two months with prompt impact except if adjusted,"

The letter bears Additional Chief Secretary Home Momin Agha's endorsement. The responses to the request, nonetheless, have fluctuated. The occupants are diminished, yet landowners are troubled as the lease was a wellspring of a living for several.

The landlords however are still onerous for rent from the lower class, working class and lower-middle class. The daily wagers and businesses that ran on daily income are in woe. "The white-collar" are at stake in this COVID-19 because neither the EHSAAS government program is accessible for them or the ration that is being circulated by different NGOs. Social media is bursting with people prayerful for assistance and financial aid to be provided. Domestic workers below the poverty line are not being exempted by their landlords and they have been fired from households because of the socioeconomic conditions. A person taking strict precautions but the suffering is increasing day by day. It is estimated to be said that the poverty level will increase in the upcoming days from 23.7% to 44% shooting right up to such a great percentage. Feeling the pinch traders raging to open their markets because their conditions are worsening as well. A senior authority likewise uncovered that consultations are preceded on the draft of a mandate which might be proclaimed whenever.

The pandemic has become a prodigious agony and melancholy for several. The government is nerve-wracking but doing their best to control the situation with the relief and orders they can enact, but the cases have reached up to 7,261 with 1,645 recovered and 137 dead. The preeminent is being done but precautions are highly required in the COVID-19 conditions.