Muqaddar: Ali Ansari Owned the Show
Muqaddar: Ali Ansari Owned the Show

Muqaddar: Ali Ansari Owned the Show

Find out what you missed in Muqaddar this month!
Published 14 Jul, 2020 06:27pm

Geo Entertainment’s Muqaddar is one of the current dramas that has kept its momentum strong throughout its journey of twenty-two episodes so far.

Now that the story is coming to a full circle, we feel that the plot has slowed down a little to keep the audience wait all the more. But eventually, the last episodes turned out to be a drag, with little significant scenes and the rest are mere fillers.

The previous two weeks have all been about Raima and Haris trying to be strong and continue their lives with memories of each other etched in their minds. Here’s what has happened in the drama this month:

A heartbreak in store for every character

Unfortunately, there is not a single character in Muqaddar’s story that is not undergoing a struggle of its own.

Hasan and Abeera are broken, each torn apart due to misunderstandings of the past. Meanwhile, Zara has turned out to be the smartest of all and decided to end her engagement with Hasan. While she has been late in realizing that this bond was a mere compromise, we are glad that she finally decided to save her heart and dignity in the process.

Raima is restless. Of course, she cannot get over the thought of Haris getting married to Maha. On top of it, she is gearing up for an unwanted one-month honeymoon trip with Sardar Saif Uf Rehman. We wonder how long he will remain in love with Raima. The way he insults his first wife and labels her as ‘jahil’ makes us realize that he has a toxic mentality against women. Soon, he will behave the same way with Raima and she too will become a subject of his harsh attacks.

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The best part is that Raima is not falling for the luxury and the ease Sardar is providing her. The love he showers on her only makes her cringe. This makes us hope that our heroine might fight one day and give Sardar a taste of his own medicine.

Haris’s character has seized all the spotlight in the past couple of episodes due to his very reluctant wedding with Maha. He is getting rid of all the physical memories of Raima but he surely cannot run away from those that are buried in his heart.

He is wrecked from inside yet he is putting up a straight face at all of his wedding functions. The scene where he gets a call from Maha at two in the night made it clear he has no feelings for her.

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The next episode shows Haris and Maha indulging in a massive fight to the point he raises his hand on his new bride. We surely didn’t see this coming and thought that these two actually might be happy in the long run.

Ali Ansari Steals the Spotlight!

With all the limelight on him this month in Muqaddar, the actor has given his best to the character of Haris. We have always said that Ali knows how to display just the right amount of anguish and misery to his character while ensuring he also doesn’t appear so weak to the audience. He makes us both feel sorry and proud of Haris, for being so strong throughout. However, we wish Haris also controls his anger and doesn’t resort to violence of any sort.

Faysal Qureshi and Madiha Imam always bring their A-game to the table and prove time to time that they both have a remarkable partnership. We just hope that the drama gains speed and we finally get to know the ultimate fate of all the characters involved!