Madiha Imam Outshines As ‘Rida’ In Drama Serial “Mujhay Wida Kar”

The first episode of the much awaited drama ‘Mujhay Wida Kar’ went on air last night, the play stars Madiha Imam...
Published 18 May, 2021 10:51pm

The first episode of the much awaited drama ‘Mujhay Wida Kar’ went on air last night, the play stars Madiha Imam and Munib Butt in the leading roles while the ensemble cast includes Saboor Aly, Saba Hameed, Shabbir Jan and Raza Talish in prominent roles. Imam’s character as ‘Rida’ is based on a girl who has big dreams and hopes for a beautiful future with her prince charming.

The Plot

The drama opens with Madiha who is obsessed with aeroplanes, she wants to fly like birds and enjoy her freedom. She tells her mother about her dreams and how firmly she believes that she will achieve them. Rida wants to marry a guy who will take her away to another continent where she will live happily ever after with her prince charming. Madiha as Rida has a great bond with her mother and brother. Rida’s character is full of life, and is loved by everyone because of her pure heart.

We are introduced to her friend played by Saboor Aly who is preparing to get married. She shows the Madiha her fiance’s picture excitedly in university and the two friends were as happy as can be, planning the wedding! Saboor perfectly plays the lovable friend and we want to see how the story unfolds in the coming episodes.

Madiha Imam Nails the bubbly ‘girl next door’ role!

Basking in Ishq Jalebi’s fame, Madiha Imam has once again proved her mettle as her portrayal of ‘Rida’, she has perfectly nailed the loveable, girl next door look and her pairing with Muneeb Butt is one we are looking forward to. Mujhay Vida Kar’s teasers show both the friends facing difficult lives after marriage, however how their lives are connected to each other is yet to unfold.

We absolutely love Madiha’s expressions in this scene!

Kudos to the team Behind the Drama

The play has been directed by the brilliant director, Anjum Shahzad and we can definitely see the finesse of his work in the first episode aired. He has also shot the first few episodes of the show. We are waiting in anticipation for the story to unfold as it has been written by famed writer Samra Bukhari.

Watch Madiha Imam in Mujhay Wida Kar on ARY Digital, Monday to Thursday at 7PM.