Talent On The Rise: Meet Falak Ahmed Sheikh

Falak Ahmed Sheikh is a talent to look out for in the music industry as she seizes the moment with her soulful symphonies!
Published 04 Sep, 2020 02:47pm

Falak Ahmed Sheikh began her journey into the media industry starting off as a model, eventually embracing her passions of becoming a singer. The artist not only touches souls and wins over hearts through her exquisite vocals & fervent singing, but she is steadfast in remaining devoted to following her dreams of pursuing a full-fledged musical career!

Being interested in music from a very young age, Falak’s dedication and potential in the world of song won her every school competition, solidifying her promising mark in the field. With excitement and enthusiasm ensuing from a school going age, Falak seized every opportunity to perform and live out her goals with a fiery passion and penchant for the lyrical arts. A cursory glance at the work of the rising star reveals that the songstress is brimming with immense talent and has yet so much more to offer with new ideas for meaningful compositions!

If you are a fan or fond of listening to soulful and classic music with an contemporary twist, you would certainly have come across Falak Ahmed Sheikh, or would’ve heard her own the stage while performing live at Karachi Eat 2020 - where the composer had a chance to showcase her shining potential with no reservations! A few of her well known and recognised songs, ‘Gallan’, ‘Dil Jale’ and ‘Mehrmaa', have not only left us mesmerised but have also garnered her a fair share of popularity and a following on social media streaming sites, such as YouTube and Patari, providing a significant platform to express her talent for singing.

Falak is intending to bring in even better tunes to groove to with more innovative musical surprises for her fans and followers! Incorporating a modern edge into a universally loved soulful genre, with lyrical finesse, the artist guarantees an impactful yet melodious outcome for her audience to revel in and enjoy!

To view Falak Ahmed Sheikh's work, updates and social media accounts, visit:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Falak-Ahmed-Sheikh-264886680875513

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/falakahmedsheikh

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FalakAhmedShei1

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0_6EIzu930me6drhG2CYzA