Aamna Ilyas Advocates Against 'Colourism'

Aamna Ilyas publicly takes a stand to end prejudice based on skin colour in Pakistan.
Published 06 Oct, 2020 07:49pm

Aamna Ilyas has always been vocal about 'colourism' and the unfair and unjust way advertisements and commercialism targets those with 'darker' skin tones, whilst emphasising the concept of 'fair is beautiful'.

The Baaji actor has used her social media platform to advocate for an end to bias, judgement and shame over an individual's skin tone, recently tweeting about the importance of using public influence to send a positive message against the shaming of darker skin. Glorifying fairer skin tones has become a redundant and offensive concept, not only damaging self esteem but the over all mindset shown through television programs, advertisements, etc.

"Our influence as public figures is meant to make others feel beautiful, not less beautiful"

The model also took to Instagram in earlier posts, making it clear where she stands on the topic of body shaming and skin tone, being proud of her 'dark skin', not 'shackled' as a backward mindset would perceive.

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The actor has also spoken up about body shaming, confidence and appearance, becoming a positive role model for fans by using her platform to spread messages centered around self-love, acceptance and growth, as well as sharing her own personal experience about the subject.

"I’m just a girl like you. My body fluctuates between gaining and losing weight, and often times I feel afraid to speak out about such a sensitive topic. Today I decided to shatter the glass ceiling and speak out because everyone needs to hear that you are alright and don’t let the superficial aspects of the world get you down."

Previously, members of the media fraternity have raised their voice against skin-whitening products, including Ayesha Omar and Mahira Khan. The movement to end colourism may be relatively new in Pakistan, but it is happening with full force and the support of some of the top notch figures in the industry itself. Aamna Ilyas has called for attention on this matter, recognising it as an issue which needs to be eradicated from society, changing a twisted mindset.

Commercialising on fairness products and the concept of 'fair beauty' is no longer applicable, as articulated by Aamna Ilyas herself, who is due to appear in Haseena Moin's 'Ankahi' 2020, a theatrical version.

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