Tensions Escalate as 'Bharaas' Takes It to the Next Level

Television serial 'Bharaas' has managed to keep us on our toes as scheming and plotting have nearly reached their limit.
Published 23 Jan, 2021 12:26am

Bharaas has been keeping us glued to the screen with its intense drama building up to the point where secrets could be exposed at any time, and even the ones who are keeping them. This week we see troubles arise in each different household, be it Zoya and Kamal's, Kiran and Hassan's, and even Sasha and Taimoor's.

The Plot

As Zoya's pregnancy develops a few complications due to stress, Kamal's menacing behviour only seems to deteriorate. With Furqan Qureshi's compelling performance as the 'low life' his wife, played spectacularly by Dur-e-Fishan Saleem, we see him continuously pressurizing her to quit her job, and even reaching the point where he starts checking her phone and emailing her CVs to other companies, all to distance her from her ex husband Hassan (Omer Shahzad) and friend Meena (Tuba Aamir). Not only do we see trouble brewing in Zoya's life, but her run-ins with Hassan only seem to be getting more common as the fog is gradually clearing from his mind.

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Having no more tolerance for Kiran (Zubab Rana), Hassan seems to be getting tired of her constant plotting and scheming, even coming to the realisation that she has some sort of acquaintanceship with Kamal. With Meena, and Mansoor (Salman Saeed) seeing Kiran for who she really is, it seems the latter has gotten herself into quite the pickle, but how will she get out?

Karma and Confrontations

The most satisfying part of the last few episodes would be Kiran getting put in her place. Zubab Rana's emotional breakdown is done to a tee, with her character slowly unravelling with time. We see her get caught for calling the hit on Kamal, and how the tables have turned as he begins to blackmail her before she is caught by Meena for her illicit activities. What's more is Hassan's inability to have a calm and loving conversation with her due to her constant plotting and insecurity.

Omer Shahzad manages to entice the audience with his passion for doing the right thing. As Hassan and Zoya's meet ups give us chills down our spine, the audience can't help but wonder what's in store for the two, who seem to be miserable in their second marriages. Hassan seems to be closer to getting an answer, but the fact remains if Zoya will ever decide to forgive him for what he did.

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Toxic Relationships

Dur-e-Fishan's Zoya and Rabia Kulsoom's Sasha are two determined sisters, who aren't afraid to speak their mind. Sasha's slap has already won over the audience as she rightfully berated Kiran for all her manipulations. Now, she seems to be trying to help her sister-in-law Mahira (Noreen Mumtaz) from going down the wrong path, only to be met with disagreement and reservations as Taimoor (Musaddiq Malek), is not having it, and neither is his mother.

Similarly, Kiran and Hassan's relationship foundation begins to crumble due to her clingy behaviour and meddling, which is not as 'discreet' as she would like it to be. From chastising Zoya to guilt-tripping her mother-in-law, Kiran and Hassan's relationship has become almost as agonizing as Kamal's behviour.

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Zoya Takes a Stand

Zoya is not your typical 'damsel in distress'. Although she is pregnant, miserable and stressed all the time, she maintains her dignity and wit. Dur-e-Fishan's portrayal of an independent woman who lives in a suffocating household is executed brilliantly. Not only does she stand up to Kamal, she also tells his mother what exactly her son does to torture her each day. After Kamal's incessant threats, Zoya shuts him down and stays determined not to quit her job.

Bharaas has taken things up a notch with 4 action-packed episodes leading up to the climax which is not so far ahead. Will issues heighten or be resolved? We have yet to see as families seem to be getting involved to the extent of crossing all boundaries.