Pardes Review: Ebaad Leaves for England Leaving Aiman Devastated!

Pardes continues to engage audiences with its intense and emotional storyline.
Published 31 Aug, 2021 06:35pm

The Plot - Ebaad leaves for England

The thing we all wished would not happen has finally taken place, Ebad (Affan Waheed) has left for England leaving a devastated and pregnant Aiman (Dur e Fishan Saleem) behind. Although Aiman does have complete support of her family and is being taken care of she misses Ebad terribly and her childhood trauma has left her with unpleasant memories which she believes will now be repeated with her own child as Ebad will not be present for the delivery. Things get heated between Aiman and her mother-in-law Rahila (Atiqa Odho) as the later believes Ebad is unable to focus because of Aiman constantly speaking to him over the phone. Reminds us of something Mumtaz (Bushra Ansari) would say to Zubaida (Shahista Lodhi) in the past.

The story jumps ahead a few months as Aiman is nearing her delivery, she asks Ebad to come back but he says it is impossible for him to do so as his management course is incomplete and he cannot leave it in the middle. This leaves Aiman heart-broken and she chooses to ignore Ebad for a few days.

Nausheen and Asim realise their mistakes!

Nausheen seems to be a completely changed person after the robbery while Asim (Gohar Rasheed) has been feeling unwell and looks much older than ever. Zaid takes them to the hospital and also purchases the medicines prescribed, he has become the doting nephew and son that reminds us of his father Ahsan (Sarmad Khoosat). Nausheen is shocked with the news that her son Nomi has divorced Shiza and will soon be marrying someone in America in hopes of settling down easily. Karma has circled back to Nausheen as she watches her son least bothered about his parents while Zaid is always there for them in their time of need.

Dur e Fishan’s ‘Aiman’ Takes Down the Nefarious Bezaad - earns herself some brownie points from us!

The highlight of episode 31 & 32 has to be Aiman taking down the notorious Bezaad, not only did he certainly deserve what he got but we were so glad to see Aiman call out the lie that Sheema (Jenaan Hussain) had believed for 8 years. The same Bezaad who Aiman had seen shopping for his children was bewildered when Aiman revealed his true face infront of anyone and tried to deny the allegations. The moment was priceless and Dur e Fishan’s fiery avatar was a treat to watch! We’re hoping to see more of this brave and feisty Aiman as Pardes reaches its climax!

It was sad to see Sheema’s life being shattered but it was important that she saw that she had been the second wife the same term she used in order to degrade Rahila for decades. Jenaan realised what she had done all these years was horrible and apologised to Rahila who wholeheartedly accepted her apology and reassured her that she would always have a place in their home as the daughter of the house.

Like mother like daughter? Aiman and Zubaida’s lives look identical!

The parallel drawn between Aiman and Zubaida, both yearning for their husbands who had gone for better opportunities abroad were heart wrenching to watch, when Aiman was left behind sobbing for Ebad while she clenched his shirt in her arms, it reminded us of the time Zubaida missed Ahsan and had cried her heart out. As emotional as it may be, we have to say it has been a tad bit disappointing to see the writer take the narrative down this path, while the characters are different, the story seems to be running around in circles repeating itself. From un-supportive inlaws, a mother in law who only wants to improve her standard of living everything seems to be repeating in Aiman’s life just as it had happened with Zubaida. The uncanny similarities of Aiman’s mother in law Rahila (Atiqa Odho) to her grand - mother Mumtaz (Bushra Ansari) has definitely got us thinking on why the creators behind Pardes felt the need to repeat some of the harsh dialogues too such as “Don’t tell him that you’re not well, these little things are common in pregnancy, there is no need to disturb Ebad over minor issues,” this was spoken by Rahila and previously by Mumtaz to Zubaida too. After such a disrupted childhood, Aimans’ character deserved much better!

What seems to be confusing for us is how Aiman is shown as her feisty self in one scene and then suddenly resorts to becoming the damsel in distress in the next. She had always said she would not marry anyone who went abroad leaving her behind, that is also why she did not want to marry her cousin Salman and married Ebad instead in a shotgun wedding. However, Aiman being shown helpless and Ebad just leaving her behind only to negate all of her concerns was definitely not what we expected to see as the drama unfolded.

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