Raqeeb Se: Sania Saeed & Hadiqa Kiani Steal the Spotlight!

The powerful team - Sania Saeed & Hadiqa Kiani have stolen the limelight in the latest episode of 'Raqeeb Se'!
Published 12 Feb, 2021 05:13pm

The story of long-lost love that has lasted over a span of two decades has become intense with every episode! Sania Saeed and Hadiqa Kiani steal the spotlight with their power-packed performance this time!

The Story So Far

Raqeeb Se’s latest episode starts off with Iqra pulling off her father Rafiq who was strangling Maqsood Sahib with all his might. Ameera accuses Maqsood of forgetting his first-love Sakina, while she never forgot him in all these years. Back in the city, Hajra talks about her past with Sakina and tells her about her mothers’ murder by her own father. Despite hating each other’s guts, Maqsood Sahib and Rafiq speak cordially about Sakina’s future. Insha is busy setting up her future home with her beau and tells him about her father and how there has been no news from him since three days. Hajra and Sakina spend a lot of time together and Sakina talks about her son that died in infancy and how it affected Rafiq later on.

Finally Maqsood decides to travel back as he believes his work in the village is done, he asks Ameera to come back to the city with him but she flat out refuses his offer. The episode ends with Ameera changing her mind and joining Maqsud on the train.

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The Good – Performances by the Stellar Cast Deserve a Thumbs Up!

Raqeeb Se has one of the most powerful dialogues on Pakistani television at the moment, each character, be it Maqsood Sahib talking about Sakina’s domestic abuse with her husband and forcing him to divorce her or Hajra talking about her own ‘sautan’ without a flinch has us totally hooked to this drama.

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Hadiqa Kiani shines throughout the drama, it is great to see a different ‘happier’ side of her character during her impeccable scenes with the legendary Sania Saeed. Hadiqa’s dialogue delivery, expressions and body mannerisms are completely on point, and we can’t help but think about all these years we’ve missed out on her acting skills. This episode gave us a bonus treat with Hadiqa singing away in her melodious voice while watering the plants.

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Albeit playing a supporting role in the drama, Faryal Mehmood has made her mark with her witty comebacks. She is the modern day, empowered woman who shares total responsibilities in the household, does everything from paying off bills to changing light bulbs, Faryal is playing a character that one truly looks up to. During a scene where her beau shows up at her house in the middle of the night, her acting had us in fits of laughter, as she kept widening her eyes and talking through her teeth.

Iqra Aziz plays the bubbly, loud and vivacious Ameera, who we’ve grown to love over the few episodes. We can’t wait to see how her role develops further on.

What’s Next?

We’re anxious to see what comes next in this story of long-lost love. Will Rafiq Ali divorce Sakina? What’s in store for Sakina’s future? Watch the next episode to find out.