Is Dunk Getting Interesting, Or Is It Becoming Stale?

With Bilal Abbas in supreme form, Dunk is going in the right direction!
Published 12 Mar, 2021 11:15am

ARY Digital’s Dunk is entering an interesting phase; the phase where a good drama gains an audience and moves upward or a bad drama loses its viewers and goes downward. Some of the fans of the drama believe that it has moved away from the initial issue – sexual harassment – but the truth is, it is still suffering from the aftershocks of the case that resulted in the alleged harasser’s suicide. Why is Dunk going in the upward direction than in the other one, and what makes it one of the best plays on air at the moment, let’s find out:

Bilal Abbas continues to raise the bar as Haider

Bilal Abbas in Dunk has gone through two phases – in the first one he was standing tall against Professor Humayun (Naumaan Ijaz) and even went to his house to threaten him, whereas in the second phase, he is angry at himself for not believing the professor who killed himself after he was unable to convince others of his innocence. Bilal Abbas’s switch in his acting shows that he is one of the most gifted actors of our times – when he was angry, the viewers felt that he was the real culprit, and when he is remorseful, he has their sympathy. Why did he switch sides and turned from an ‘Angry Young Man’ to a remorseful one, is known to all those who have followed the drama, no one knows how his story would end, and how would he find peace after pushing the professor to suicide, and destroying his family.

Is Amal really sweet or does she have an ulterior motive!

You are either the good guy or the bad one; however, in the case of Sana Javed’s Amal, she is neither. Or is she the bad guy who is trying very hard to look neutral so that she can make her move later? That’s the million-dollar question since she is the one who alleged that the professor harassed her in the first place, and then convinced everyone of his guilt. However, she wasn’t able to convince her own fiancé Haider (Bilal Abbas) of her innocence who called off the marriage on the day of the wedding, and she in return married his elder brother Safeer (Fahad Sheikh). Did she marry Safeer to show Haider that she can live without him but under the same roof, or she would try to make his life miserable for her ex by scheming against him, just like she did against the professor, that’s something that is keeping the viewers glued to their screens! To get their answer, they will have to literally wait and watch Dunk, and be ready for shocking twists and turns.

Will the late Professor get justice or not?

Professor Humayun (Naumaan Ijaz) was one of the most loved teachers in his university, until one of his students alleged that he tried to harass her. Everyone believed the girl and an inquiry was set up to investigate the matter; however after the Professor was ridiculed by his relatives, people in the street, and teachers in his daughter’s school, he decided to state his side of the story. But before that, his daughter saw him getting manhandled by the alleged victim’s fiancé and that broke him, prompting him to end his life than to face his daughter as a coward. After his death, the girl took back the complaint but the stain on the professor’s name is very much there. Will he get justice or will he stay known as an alleged harasser till eternity, that’s something the audience wants to know.

Powerful performances ensure Dunk stays on the ‘interesting’ path!

From the lead actors to the supporting cast, every actor has been in pristine touch in Dunk; who can forget the confrontation between two brothers (played by Shahood Alvi and Saife Hasan), or the scene where Amal (Sana Javed) finds out that Haider knows the truth, or the one where the professor confronts Haider for the last time in the university’s premises. Written by Mohsin Ali, directed by Badar Mehmood and backed by producers Fahad Mustafa and Dr. Ali Kazmi’s Big Bang Entertainment each and every scene is worth a million bucks, because it keeps the audience’s interest alive. With so much going on in the lives of all the characters, Dunk is on its way to becoming the drama we all had been waiting for. If it manages to keep the bar high, it will end up as one of the best dramas of the current millennium, and surely as an all-time great, provided it doesn’t lose its way.