Kuch Ankahi Episode 23: Asfar also likes Aliya!

Asfar seems to be fully taken with Alia and her charm and he might even pay her family a visit. Aliya, who does not...
Published 24 Jun, 2023 11:25pm

Asfar seems to be fully taken with Alia and her charm and he might even pay her family a visit. Aliya, who does not like the confusion, is looking for a way out with all her might. Every Saturday at 8:00 p.m., ARY Digital airs the drama, 'Kuch Ankahi'. It is the type of lighthearted entertainment that not only makes people smile but also enlightens them by bringing important social concerns to light. We eagerly await this drama every week since it has all the classic PTV drama qualities: meaningful stories, strong characters, excellent acting, and impactful dialogues.


Ali lectures Tania for being so irresponsible while attempting to be brave and posting everything on Instagram, risking the reputation and lives of her and her family. He requests that she delete all of her posts, apologize in public, and retract all of her statements.

Moona is also not pleased with what Tania did, and she abruptly withdraws, claiming that she does not want to become involved because she is getting married.

Shakeel, on the other hand, is the one who asks Tania to speak up for what is right because it is she who taught him to be self-assured and loyal to oneself. He might be very disappointed in her if she did what she is being urged to do by others.


Samia was informed by Saif that he will just never make a smart decision for himself and that he was only holding off because he did not want to hurt her. Samia visits Shagufta at her home, but she simply made her realize what a terrible person she is for destroying another woman's marriage and life. When Samia arrives at Agha Ji's home, she pretends that she is merely there to celebrate her parent's anniversary. When confronted by Agha Ji, he finds out that something is wrong because she claims to be pleased with herself and feel as though she is breathing for the first time. Agha ji promises to be there for her no matter what she does.

Asfar, Sehrish and Alia:

Asfar wants Alia to invite him over at her house, for her parents' wedding anniversary. Naturally, Alia flatly declines because she doesn't want him to be there and make her family to feel uncomfortable.

To thank Alia for reuniting their family, Sehrish meets her for lunch. She requests that she accompany Asfar to meet their father while she is gone, because, after all, she is now a member of the family. Alia feels really uncomfortable and confused by this.

Agha Ji’s House:

Agha Ji and Shammo's wedding anniversary gives everyone a chance to rejoice, despite Tania's issue. Almas asks Shammo if they can fix Aliya and Salman's engagement in a private ceremony as they are busy getting ready. Sofia, who overheard their entire chat, teases Salman, who also makes it known that he is open to the idea. Additionally, he persuaded Sofia that Thanvi is a really decent man and that she should give him serious consideration.

What we think:

We are particularly impressed with how Tania is handling this challenging circumstance, and we appreciate the support she is receiving from her family members other than Shammo. We adored the endearing exchange between Tania and Shakeel, which demonstrated how one person's self-assurance and awareness of who they are can inspire and offer others hope. We adore how intense the dialogue is throughout the drama, and how even the minor characters offer so much to the overall plot.

We are kind of worried about Alia right now since Asfar is genuinely attracted to her, and Sehrish is kind of pressuring her to be with Asfar despite the fact that Salman has feelings for her. Although we are all 'Team Salman,' the decision for her is quite difficult. Who are you rooting for? Post a comment and let us know.