Kuch Ankahi Episode 25: Aliya Saves Agha Ji’s House

Salman's situation did not improve, but things appear to be getting better for Tania, Agha Ji, Meena, and ...
Published 05 Jul, 2023 07:56pm

Salman's situation did not improve, but things appear to be getting better for Tania, Agha Ji, Meena, and Samia.

ARY Digital Drama Kuch Ankahi, which airs every Monday, has won praise for its classic PTV dramas vibe and for bringing to light significant social concerns that would not otherwise receive the attention they deserve. The series elegantly and cleverly addressed serious topics connected to women's legal and religious right to property, pressuring girls into marriage, body shaming, and many other concerns present in society.

Agha Ji’s House:

Shammo keeps blaming herself for her daughter's plight, but Samia reassures her that she has taught her to be resilient and deal with whatever comes her way, but if she keeps acting in this manner, she might once more be swayed and make another poor choice. Her inner strength and her capacity for endurance have both been revealed by this entire experience. Samia refused to accept Saif's apology when he tried to atone for his actions, and she did so for all the right reasons. She responds that she cannot trust Saif if he keeps making the same mistakes when Agha Ji asks her if she wants to forgive and go back to him.

Mona reported the harassment she experienced from a faculty member to university officials, and a committee has been formed to look into her case.

It appears that Asfar has given Aliya financial assistance in the form of a loan; Now that she has the money she pays off everyone's share of the property and relieves Agha Ji from the biggest burden.

Meena's drug addict husband has also become a changed man and is now working and giving money to his wife, to whom he apologized for his previous actions. Additionally, he confronted and attacked the man who had molested his son.

Asfar and Aliya:

During Sehrish's absence, Asfar and Sehrish's father experiences a severe heart attack. Although Aliya was present, Asfar did not pay him a visit while he was in the hospital. When Aliya asked him to visit the hospital since his father needed a bypass and only a blood related could sign the consent form, he agreed after being made to feel somewhat guilty by Aliya.

Salman and Aliya:

It is clear that Salman is unhappy with his decision about moving to Canada and wants Aliya to stop him. When he notices Aliya arriving late once more, he inquires as to why, and when Aliya informs him that Asfar's father is ill, he clearly isn't pleased. He only wishes Aliya would at least once ask him not to go. Aliya reminds him of his own statements about making the desision using his brain and that's why she cannot contest his intelligence or the wisdom he utilised in reaching this conclusion. Salman promises that he will however, have a word (or maybe a fight) with Asfar.

What we think?

The episode was all about endings for most of the stories, so it is clear that the drama is drawing to a conclusion. We appreciate that every story—even those of the supporting cast—has a justifiable closure. . Samia seems like the ideal female character who overcame adversity to emerge as a strong, independent, and practical woman who, we are confident, may serve as an example for many in similar situations. We sincerely hope Samia doesn't weaken.

However, it is unclear from where Aliya received the money that she needed. We are still not sure whether Sofia would wed Thanvi or if she will continue to put off getting married now that she has received her fair share. Also, why can't Aliya simply request Salman to stay, for once? We have sensed that she becomes uncomfortable whenever Asfar tries to drop hints that he could be interested in Aliya, but Salman's confession has never caused her to feel uncomfortable. Therefore, we can be certain that she has feelings for him as well.

We are still rooting for Salman. What about you? Post a comment and let us know.