Kuch Ankahi Episode 20: Asfar’s Troubled Past

Alia discovers the true reason behind Asfar and Sehrish's on-going feud
Published 31 May, 2023 02:08pm

Alia learns about Asfar's past and reasons of his hatred for his sister and father. However, this has caused issues for Alia because everyone thinks it's wrong for her to visit his house.

Alia and Asfar:

Upon Sehrish's request, Alia made arrangements for Asfar's birthday at his house. Asfar became enraged and began scolding Alia when he found flowers and all the decorations she has made. He admitted that he is aware about Alia joining his office at Sehrish's request, but he questioned who gave her the authority to meddle in his private affairs. He explained to Alia why he does not wish to rebuild his ties with his father and his step-sister, Sehrish. He disclosed that after his mother passed away, his father remarried and prioritized his new wife and daughter over him. Later, he sent Asfar abroad under the pretext that they wanted him to continue his studies at a better place. When Alia tried to explain that perhaps, like any parent, he truly wanted the best for you in terms of schooling giving you better possibilities. Asfar responded, "No, he sent me away because I used to enquire as to why they preferred Sehrish more and why my mother did not share a bed with me. Alia retorted, perhaps the answers they would have given you at that age would not have made sense and perhaps you did not want to accept them at the time, or perhaps your questioning made her uncomfortable. Asfar responded that I was seven years old it was not because of my questions but because of her guilt which made her uncomfortable. He explained to her that his father got rid of him since he couldn't sit and talk to him. After hearing all of this, Alia replied that it is very tough to live your life while harboring resentments and grudges, but it is much simpler to forgive and forget because doing so brings about such unexpected joy that one may forget all of their grief.

Agha Ji’s House:

Everyone got concerned, after it got really late and Alia did not return home while her phone was off too. Sofia asks Salman to check on what's going on in her office. Agha ji questions Alia as she gets back home about why she was late. She doesn't try to cover up or lie to Agha Ji and told him that she was at her boss' house celebrating his birthday and that his boss lives alone. Shammo and Salman in particular are enraged about Alia's late-night return from her boss's house. However, Agha Ji is confident that his daughter is incapable of wrong, and he stands by Alia despite Shammos's repeated provocation about how humiliating it is. After Alia apologises for arriving so late from her boss's house, Agha Ji tries to explain to Alia that, despite the fact that her family may be liberal, they still have to live in the same society, and would have to abide by the norms practiced in the world they live in.

Tania tells Alia about Mona going missing, what her mother said, and how she saw her crying as she ran out of the university office. Although Alia is concerned, she advises Tania to wait a few days and come up with a plan if they are still unable to find any information about her. The following morning, Shammo is worried and requests that Agha Ji look into Asfar because Aliya must have had a reason in mind for going to his residence. Agha Ji criticised her, claiming that she had been praising Salman earlier. He asked her to go speak with Almas about her plans and discuss about Salman and Aliya's proposal.

Alia and Salman:

Salman is informed by the security guard at Alia's office that today is Asfar's mother's death anniversary and the office is closed. However, Alia accompanied Rasheed Sahab. When he found Alia at Asfar's house, Salman was visibly upset.


While Sofia came to Almas's house to ask Salman to go and look for Alia, Almas questioned her about the ruckus when Thanvi arrived. Later, during their conversation, Almas revealed how lonely she had felt since her husband's passing. Almas tries to convince Sofia that all men and women require companionship from one another.

Seeing how close Deepak is to Sofia, Thanvi is making an extra effort to capture Deepak's affection. Thanvi and Deepak agreed that Thanvi would pick Deepak up from school each day, and later drop him off at home and also give him tuitions for mathematics. Although Sofia is not too pleased about this, the rest of the family takes Thanvi's proposal seriously.

Saif and Samia:

Samia requests Saif to deliver her jewelry to the designer's studio. However, Zareena worries about how they would receive the payment after that. Samia informs her that they will make a direct bank account transfer for her. She asks Samia why don't she trust Saif? When Zareena complains to Saif about what a cunning girl Samia is urging her own son to rebel and go against her. Saif responds, this is why he is considering bringing Shagufta to this home.

What We Think?

We are happy to finally learn about Asfar and Sehrish's story, but we believe there is more to it since we have only heard Asfar's perspective on events and need to know what else occurred through Sehrish or their father. But in our opinion, this revelation shouldn't have been made by making Alia to go out of her way to celebrate her boss's birthday, especially given that she has been portrayed from the beginning as a woman of strong principles. The fact that Alia went to decorate his home just because Sehrish requested her to without first considering alternative options was illogical.

Salman and his mother are the best mother and son we have seen in a drama in a very long time, and we enjoy their relationship. The fact that Alia's family truly believes Salman and Alia are a good match for marriage also made us happy and reassured, thus it appears that Salman has the family's support. We wish Salman will at least speak with Alia about his concerns rather than acting in his usual manner as he did when Alia first started working for Asfar. Loved how Asfar, although being furious, managed to contain it all and instead shared the reasons why he dislikes celebrating his birthday.

We hope that Alia, Salman, and Asfar won't have any more disagreements in the following episodes. What happened to Mona is still a mystery to us. We believe she has been harassed by someone at her university. What do you guys think?Post a comment and let us know.