Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay: Aswad Turns Toxic

This week, the drama unveiled yet another power-packed episode.
Published 07 Sep, 2021 05:46pm

This week, Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay unveiled a power-packed episode, making us feel for Mehreen and developing intense hatred for Mashal. However, we are despising the character of Aswad even more.

Wondering why?

Let’s do a quick review of the story this week and discuss all the faults in our hero’s persona.

The clash between Aswad and Mehreen intensifies

The episode opens with Aswad (Usman Mukhtar) spotting Mehreen (Mahira Khan) enjoying lunch with Saffan (Haroon Shahid) in a café. Immediately, he gets a throwback of all the rumors Mashal has fed in his mind. His expressions are of deep disappointment and he conveys this to his mother, who tries to control the matter and pacify him that they just might be friends having a candid lunch.

What Aswad doesn’t know is that his darling Mashal (Kubra Khan) has churned another vile scheme of e-mailing Saffan hateful things about Mehreen’s past and the latter two met to discuss the issue.

On the other hand, he confronts Mehreen and spews all the venom he has harbored in his mind about her all along. Here we realize how hypocritical it is of Aswad to blame Mehreen for eating out with a guy, while he has gone on countless dates with Mashal.

He accuses her of maligning the family’s reputation and hanging out with multiple men; not realizing that he is surely crossing boundaries, drawing assumptions about her life, and enforcing his authority on her.

Graciously, Mehreen gives him a crackling reply, and her rebellious answers silence our hero, claiming that it’s her life and he is no one to get involved in her matters or teach her how to live.

The event leads to Saleha impulsively calling Mehreen to propose that it will be great if she ties the knot with her son, Aswad. Initially, Mehreen is abhorred by the idea and even tells her aunt that she likes someone else. But deep down, we all know she loves Aswad and her Khala was smart enough to read her heart.

Aswad, however, is appalled with the thought of it. He rejects the proposal and urges Mehreen to do the same. He has openly told his mother that he likes Mashal, who is not in favor of making her the daughter-in-law of the family.

Mashal is furious as she finds out about the recent turn of events. Her bitter self is shocked that her plans are failing and takes out all her frustration on Mehreen. She lies about not sending the e-mails to Saffan and threatens Mehreen that she better stays away from Aswad.

The promo of the next episode shows Mehreen getting slapped by Mashal, as she shockingly agrees upon marrying Aswad.

Aswad’s character is a depiction of toxic men in our society

Like we mentioned earlier, Aswad is one bigoted fellow. We thought being an educated individual and working in a multinational company in America will surely make him amongst the progressive minds.

But his mentality is the true portrayal of how desi men can be when it comes to women of our society. They can’t have an innocent lunch with a guy and feel angry when they see a close female relative doing so. Meanwhile, they hang out with women themselves and deem it completely okay to do so.

But we are glad that Mehreen’s character has been written to give a shut-up call to personalities like Aswad who believe that they can decide how a woman should behave. Her dialogues are powerful and we are proud that her character is not of a weak, naïve girl who remains silent when wrongfully accused.

The drama is about to get more intense now that Mehreen has revenge on her mind! Let’s see what happens next.