Why We Love Lubna of Parizad!

We stan Lubna!
Published 14 Sep, 2021 09:57am

While the chatter around Parizad seems to grow every week, the drama seems to be moving from strength to strength. And of course, with great popularity comes lots of ‘issues’ and gossip. Increasingly, people are talking about the ‘black face’ of Ahmed Ali Akbar and the ‘second’ casting choices. True to our nature of nit-picking on a good thing, we are really picking on the wrong things/people here. So, today, we will continue with what we love about the latest episode/plot twist in Parizad.

The Conversations between Lubna and Parizad

While the pair are binary opposite of each other, that is exactly what makes their interactions so engaging to watch. The confident, languid and curious nature of Mashal Khan’s Lubna placed against the shy, stoic and erudite Parizad of Ahmed Ali Akbar draws us into the perfect fit that these two could be! The two share their problems with each other, discuss the meaning of life, all while being so believable! We firmly put our money on Lubna being the perfect woman for Parizad, but then….

The All Natural Style of Lubna

Mashal Khan has maintained a fresh faced, natural look through her stint on the show. She is positively glowing and her wardrobe is a breath of fresh air. There’s no over the top styling - her wardrobe and make fits her character perfectly. The on-trend T-shirts and high waisted pants really work for Mashal!

Lubna Speaks Her Truth

While not giving away any spoilers just yet, Lubna breaks some big news in this episode! She is a woman who is well aware of the situation she is in. She does not mope or whine about her circumstances, and while she wishes things were different, Mashal Khan’s Lubna is a woman who lives in her truth. Her acting during that this entire episode is particularly stellar with emotion simmering under the surface

While we are not sure if Mashal Khan’s Lubna will return to the series, she has certainly left an indelible mark on Parizaad and the trajectory of the whole show.