Ishq e Laa: Yumna Zaidi Delivers an Outstanding Performance

Two weddings, two different outcomes, Ishq-e-Laa’s latest power-packed episode is a must watch!
Published 03 Dec, 2021 05:56pm

Hum TV’s Ishq E Laa has created a buzz in the drama industry, every episode released is power-packed with performances from TV darlings, Yumna Zaidi and Sajal Aly. The drama is not another run off the mill play covering the same old saas-bahu sagas, but breaks through the clutter covering unconventional narratives that are otherwise swept under the rug. Ishq e Laa also marks the debut of singer-composer turned actor Azaan Sami Khan. The show is just 6 episodes in but has us hooked to its gripping storyline.

This episode saw two weddings taking place simultaneously, Shanaya (Sajal Aly) and Azlan (Azaan Sami Khan) and Yumna Zaidi’s Azka and Abid (Adnan Samad Khan). While Shanaya and Azlan were over the moon and decided to have a shot gun wedding just because Azlan wished to, Azka on the other-hand was forced into marriage with Abid. We loved watching the two weddings, similar in many ways yet having a vast difference of their own at the same time.

The Plot

Azka is forced into marriage with the loafer Abid!

The previous episode saw Azka falling into a trap set up by her sister in law Kanwal who was in cahoots with her cousin Abid (Adnan Samad Khan). Azka left her house alone in a rush to buy medicine for her mother but asked Kanwal to keep an eye out for her, little did she know Kanwal had been waiting for this opportunity all along. She quickly informed Abid about it and he sent his thugs to harass Azka so he could be her knight in shining armour. He then escorted her back home, throwing the medicine in her hands on the way. Azka’s brother was on his way home when he encountered Azka and Abid together, Abid created a fake scenario portraying they had been seeing each other secretly behind everyone’s back. Azka tried to prove her innocence but since Kanwal had planned it all out with Abid, they had their way and Sultan decided to get Azka married off the next day!

Azka’s faith in the Almighty did not wither even as she was put through such a difficult time, she believed he knew what was happening was wrong and he would not let it happen no matter what. Her scene with Uzma Hassan just before her Nikah was bone-chilling and gave us goose-bumps! Yumna Zaidi absolutely nailed her performance with hard hitting dialogues and the perfect delivery, expressions and body language. Her scenes left us speechless, proving her mettle once again as the reigning queen of television.

Shanaya and Azlan tie the Knot!

Finally our hero, Azlan accepted he has feelings for Shanaya and asked her to marry him, just as their engagement was a shock to all, Azlan being his bossy self decided there was no reason to wait and announced that they would be married the next day! Shanaya may have a strong, determined personality but it seems like she is unable to have her say infront of Azlan. The two get married in a beautiful ceremony, happy and giddy in love, we now have to see whether Shanaya is able to change Azlan for the better or will his pompous personality cause an issue in their newly wedded life?

What’s Next for Azka?

The episode ends on a cliff-hanger where Azka is being asked to say ‘qabool hai’ during her Nikah with Abid. Just then the festivities are interrupted by a loud shriek that seems to be her niece crying for help. A sneak peek into the next episode shows Azka’s wedding being called off and Kanwal (Uzma Hassan) turning over a new leaf, letting go of her malicious ways.