Qissa Meherbano Ka: Some Joyful Moments?

Qissa Meherbano Ka has gone from strength to strength each week!
Published 11 Jan, 2022 10:56am

With a lot going on in the critically-acclaimed Qissa Meherbano Ka of late, the drama has gone from strength to strength each week. This week too, the drama quotient has been top-notch and there has been a lot that has made the lives of Meherbano, Murad, Fari, Noor and Ayaz intertwine even more!

What all went down this week? Let’s explore…

Last week, we left off the episode with Achay Miyan going back to his dastardly habits and giving Meherbano something to have which would have caused an abortion. Fortunately, Meherbano is rescued from such an attempt. Murad ¬– being the evil man that he is, even thinks this was Meherbano’s plan and blames her for the worst that could have been caused.

The episode begins this week with Meherbano finally mustering up the strength to her mother-in-law, but of course, to no avail as she’s seen as a person who relentlessly hates Meherbano with a passion. Well, as they say, some people just don’t change, and perhaps, that is what she will always be like.

While all of this is happening, one of the big changes this episode is caused thanks to Noor, who finally finds out that Meherbano’s jewelery has been in the grasps of Fari in her room. Will this finally get her to speak out and get her aunt’s jewels back? We surely hope so.

On the other hand, it seems there are some moments of peace for Meherbano, as she gives birth to her child. At this point, we even see Fari – who has been nothing but evil to Meherbano – come to her aid, as she goes through the tumultuous time of birth. Could this be the white streak in Fari’s character that proves there is good in her? One could definitely wish!

The episode goes on further to show how the new announcement in Meherbano’s life is bringing little glimmers of hope – an example of which could be seen as Ayaz finally warming up to Meherbano, and even calling her phupho. This definitely hints at Noor and Meherbano finally having the support they needed from Ayaz, which could only be good for the two.

We see the episode finally coming to a close with Noor and Ayaz sharing more time with each other, which always is heartwarming, along with Meherbano being at a crossroad once again – but this time, with some support. Now, one just has to see where all of this is gonna take her and her story as Murad and his evil streak are also just around the corner.

We will have to wait and watch…