Atif Aslam Steals The Spotlight in Sang-e-Mah

The latest buzz engulfing drama enthusiasts is the multi-starrer, ‘Sang e Mah’, the drama serial has hooked...
Published 19 Jan, 2022 12:54pm

The latest buzz engulfing drama enthusiasts is the multi-starrer, ‘Sang e Mah’, the drama serial has hooked viewers to its riveting storyline from its first episode. Starring the legendary actors, Nauman Ejaz, Samiya Mumtaz, Sania Saeed, Omair Rana and the younger heart-throbs, Hania Aamir, Kubra Khan, Zaviyar Ejaz, the drama is grabbing eyeballs with every new episode. The debut of famed singer, Atif Aslam is what is drawing more people to Sang - e - Mah .

Like its blockbuster predecessor, Sang e Mar Mar, Sang e Mah is once again being helmed by the team of ace director Saifee Hassan and the Ehd-e-Wafa writer, Mustafa Afridi. The duo is magical together and has proven it time and again as they unite for various projects.

Let's take a look at what took place in the second episode of Sang e Mah

Hikmat and Gulmina’s love story takes flight

Sang e Mah has taken on the Pashtun social evil, ‘gagh’ and brought it to life putting Hania Amir (Gulmina) at the center of it all. As per the teasers show, it seems like Hilmand will commit Gagh outside of Gulmina’s house. This episode saw Hikmat (Zaviyar Ejaz) telling Gulmina he would commit gagh for her to announce his love for her but she refuses him to do so, saying this will be disrespectful to her and her mother Zarghuna, Hikmat then decides to muster up the courage and speak to Gulmina’s mother himself. He asks her for her daughter’s hand in marriage and she says she would only consider him after he brings his parents to their house.

On Screen Father-Son Duo Face Off in an Epic Scene

The face-off between legendary actor Nauman Ejaz and debutant Atif Aslam was a treat to watch. Atif Aslam is the surprise who has floored us with his brilliant acting skills. Not only is he one of the biggest super-stars in the music industry globally but he has now stolen the spotlight in his debut tv drama where he portrays the role of a lost soul, ‘Hilmand’. The story shows Hilmand at loggerheads with his father the head of the village, Haji Marjan Khan (Nauman Ejaz). The duo shared quite the fiery scene during the tribal justice meeting, ‘Jirga’ where Hilmand came to speak on behalf of his childhood friend who had committed the sin of ‘gagh’ outside a girl’s house, creating havoc in the village. He asks the tribal leader, his father to listen to his friend’s defence, Atif Aslam being a debutant has wowed us with his performance, proving his acting repertoire, he brought just as much of a powerful presence alongside legendary actor Nauman Ejaz making the scene one of the best from the episode.

What’s Next in Sang e Mah?

The upcoming episode shows Kubra Khan on her way to the village for her story and another confrontation between Marjan Khan and Hilmand. We are anxious to know what has caused the rift between the father son duo.