Five Reasons to Watch Rehbra in Cinemas

The Ahsan Khan - Ayesha Omar starrer takes the audience into the magical world of love
Published 30 Jun, 2022 12:45am

Love is one of the most used ingredients in films around the world but the way director Amin Iqbal has used this element in Rehbra makes it a must-watch film. Featuring the very beautiful cast of Ahsan Khan and Ayesha Omer, Rehbra takes the audience into the magical world of love. Besides an attractive lead pair, the film has excellent songs, a dangerous antagonist and has been shot at beautiful locations throughout Pakistan. Want to know the five reasons that make Rehbra a not to be missed affair, read on:

Ahsan Khan charms his way as the hero!

Ahsan Khan has been part of films for over two decades but instead of growing old, he keeps getting younger and that’s why he looks cool in Rehbra. He might look confused in a number of sequences but that’s part of his character, which is confused about love and arranged marriage. His parents want him to marry his childhood sweetheart (played by Sarish Khan) but he neither loves each other which drives ‘Danish’ towards Bubbly. The scenes where he stands for Bubbly – be it on the train, or under captivity – he is the quintessential good guy who we all need in our lives. And of course, he can dance as well and shows his moves in whatever limited opportunities he has on the screen!

Ayesha Omar makes you forget Khoobsurat!

Before Rehbra, Ayesha Omer was known as Khoobsurat (her character in Bulbulay) but now she will be known as both Khoobsurat and Bubbly, because she has done a great job in Rehbra. Not only is she shown as a headstrong girl who leaves her fiancé moments before the nikaah because she doesn’t love him, but also knows how to fight for her right no matter where she is. She is tough on the exterior but weak on the inside but doesn’t let the audience down, even when she is scolded for going to a men’s-only fair. She may come across as a chatterbox but that’s what makes her character interesting; she changes train compartments when she sees a friendly face, leaves her city to explore the country before marriage and listens to her heart, and if girls in Pakistan start following her, they might not need others to stand for them, for they can stand for themselves.

Sohail Sameer

He is without doubt one of the finest character actors we have in Pakistan, but the way Sohail Sameer plays the Sardar in Rehbra makes it hard for other actors to follow. He plays the head of the dacoits who rob a train and kidnap the passengers, including Bubbly, and blames Ahsan Khan’s character for the death of his wife who died in the crossfire with the police. The character may seem like the villain but the Saraiki speaking dacoit has an agenda that you could call noble, if you put yourself in his shoes. Watch the film for his excellent performance for he doesn’t disappoint in any scene.

Director Amin Iqbal steers Rehbra in the right direction!

Rehbra might be director Amin Iqbal’s first film but he has done TV long enough to know how to steer a film in the right direction. He completed the film on both sides of the pandemic which was not a small achievement. Although it seems that some scenes were shot in 2018 and others in 2020, even then the team must be commended for giving it their best shot. Unlike other Pakistani films, Rehbra has been shot mostly on outdoor locations and shows the best places to visit in Pakistan. The way the director has called the shots, handled the actors and carried the story forward is something to cherish, especially for a first-time film director.

The soundtrack is what keeps the magic alive

And then there are the songs – my only objection remains that the best song was saved for the last when it should have also been part of the title. Both Seemab Sen and newcomer Imran Ali have done a wonderful job as music composers; the Indian composer hardly disappoints in his films but the debutant Pakistani one isn’t far behind. The Rahat Fateh Ali Khan song Luk Luk Royian is in no way less than a hit Bollywood song and has been on the playlist of many since its release. Similarly, the title track isn’t far behind and if anyone compiles a list of things to take back from the film, the music would be on the top.