Kuch Ankahi Episode 6: Sofia Agha’s Rebellious Past

Kuch Ankahi is a heartwarming Pakistani drama that tackles important social issues through light-hearted storytelling and humor.
Published 15 Feb, 2023 09:31am

Sofia is not just a fearless phuppo, but she's always been a woman with guts. It looks like Thanvi, Salman's Uncle, some other men were rejected by Sofia Agha because she puts her own happiness and choices above all else.

Kuch Ankahi is a heartwarming Pakistani drama that tackles important social issues through light-hearted storytelling and humor. The drama, which airs on Ary Digital, every Saturday follows the stories of lead characters Salman (played by Bilal Abbas Khan) and Aliya (played by Sajal Aly) as they navigate life's challenges, along with strong supporting characters each telling their own unique and significant tale. Written by Mohammad Ahmed, the drama is a collaborative production of Six Sigma and Kash Foundation.The drama through its unique story sheds light on important issues and is inspiring meaningful discussions on a range of stereotypical issues of our society. As the story is progresses, the love and appreciation it is continuously receiving shows the audience's appetite for thought-provoking content that also provides entertainment.

Agha Ji and Family:

In this episode, preparations for Samia's wedding are in full swing, but Agha Ji suspects that the arrival of both Sofia and Shakeel is intentional and part of Sofia's plan to get her share of the house. However, when Shammo tries to ease Agha Ji's concerns, he decides to handle the situation in his own way. Agha Ji visits Thanvi at his home, and while it seems that they have an old grudge and are not on good terms, it's actually because Sofia ran away with Thanvi on her wedding day with Salman's Mamu (Adil), only to later marry Safder. Now, Agha ji wants Thanvi to try his luck again and see if his broken heart can be mended.

When Sofia learns of Agha Ji's sinister plan, she teams up with Shakeel and devises a plan of her own.

Meanwhile, Tania returns from her project in Taxila, and the girls try to protect her from Amma's anger.

Meena advises Samia never to tolerate any form of abuse, and tells her that love won't solve everything. By showing her bruises, Meena gives Samia a wiser lesson than her own mother ever could—that one shouldn't sacrifice their own happiness to please others.

Almas (Salman's mother) visits Agha Ji's house to inquire about renting the upper portion, only to discover that Sofia was there. Almas is pleased to see her old acquaintances, but Sofia is not happy about the rental arrangement due to her past with Almas's brother. However, it appears that Shammo has already decided to rent the portion to Almas and her son.

Salman and Aliya:

When Sehrish meets Salman after her property was sold by him, Salman inquires about the housing scheme and cleverly asks if Aliya will be working with her. He suggests that Aliya is impetuous and not capable of handling such matters well.

At a job interview, Aliya is rejected because she's a woman trying to make it in the male-dominated field of real estate. The boss, despite Sehrish's recommendation, fails to remember Sehrish and only recalls her younger brother, Azfar. He declines to hire Aliya because all of his property matters are handled by Salman. While getting her car fixed, Aliya curses men for never trusting women and is particularly angry with Salman, thinking he had something to do with her rejection. She spots Salman and Rafi at that moment and stops their car.

What we think:

We thoroughly enjoyed the witty banter between Shakeel, Sofia, Agha Ji, and the rest of the cast. The humor was top-notch, with clever one-liners and witty comebacks that had us laughing throughout the episode. As we delve deeper into Sofia's character, we can't help but be curious about her past and future. Kudos to the writer and director for consistently pushing the boundaries of gender equality, as demonstrated by Salman making rotis, which sends the message that cooking is not solely a woman's job.

We were a bit disappointed with Agha Ji's reaction to Sofia's non-vocal demand for her share of the house. The exchange between Meena and Samia was a sobering reminder of the ongoing struggles faced by women in our society, regardless of class or education. It's clear that many women suffer at the hands of their husbands and the false notion that love can solve all problems. We can't wait to see what's in store for Samia, Sofia Phuppo, and most importantly, Aliya and Salman. How do you think Aliya will react when she finds out who their new tenants are? Let us know in the comments section.