Mujhe Pyar Hua Tha Episode 10: The Silence has finally been Broken

When Saad and Maheer do speak, it's not the conversation we were hoping for because they're discussing splitting ...
Published 20 Feb, 2023 10:57pm

When Saad and Maheer do speak, it's not the conversation we were hoping for because they're discussing splitting up.

Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha" airing every Monday at 8:00 pm on Ary Digital is directed by Badar Mehmood and produced by Dr. Ali Kazmi and Fahad Mustafa. The drama consists of a talented cast including Hania Aamir, Wahaj Ali, and Zaviyar Noman. The story revolves around a love triangle between Maheer(Hania Amir), Saad (Wahaj Ali), and Areeb (Zaviar Noman), with Saad deeply in love with his cousin Maheer, but Areeb's entry leads to a shattering of trust and heartbreak.

After the unexpected Nikah (marriage) of Saad and Maheer, and Areeb losing his father, everything seems to be going south. Both Maheer and Saad were unable to accept this sudden and shocking event. Despite Saad being in love with Maheer, he is unable to come to terms with how this union was done against Maheer’s will, who is still mourning her lost love who betrayed her on the day they were supposed to get married.

Maheer is utterly crushed, inconsolable, and lost in Areeb's thoughts as she considers all the promises he made about their love and the gifts he showered her with. After their Nikah, the two are finally shown talking, but Maheer only discusses her grief and her inability to accept everything that transpired. Saad was clearly frustrated by Maheer's frequent complaining, but Maheer downplayed his sentiments, claiming that he couldn't possibly understand how it felt to lose someone you truly loved and then get married to someone out of pity.

Areeb has since gone completely berserk and believes that everyone is to blame for what occurred. He begins yelling and hurling objects at his mother as she attempts to explain to him that Maheer was simply an opportunistic girl and that he should now move on. His aunt, who couldn't take it anymore, attempts to make him see the error of his ways by pointing out that Maheer never really loved him and has since found happiness with her cousin. His mother informed him that Amna had informed her that Maheer was betrothed to Saad since they were little but had kept it a secret, implying that she was simply playing with his emotions. Around this time, Areeb's cousin entered the room and was startled by how he was acting.

When Saad learns that Azhar (Shahood Alvi), his uncle and Maheer's father, is on the verge of kidney failure, he is confronted with yet another massive problem. He is the only one who is aware of it and is unsure of what to do.

Areeb regrets being so rude and unfairly holding his mother responsible for everything that occurred. It appears like Areeb is finally moving on as a result of her deceitful tactics. He is prepared to take over his father's business, and it appears that he will now start a relationship with his cousin.

Maheer's dupatta caught fire as she was working in the kitchen, and Saad saved her, believing that Maheer was trying to commit suicide on purpose. He becomes furious and demands to know how Maheer could have done such a thing without even thinking for a moment about what would happen to them all if something horrible happened to her.Maheer reassured him that she hadn't done anything wrong and had no idea what had just occurred.

Saad makes an effort to convince her that he knows and understands all of her suffering. He will leave her if she is unhappy with everything.

The episode's plot didn't advance much, even if it was a step up over the previous one's flashbacks and little else. It appears that the drama's only two saviours are Wahaj Ali and Hania Amir. In every moment, you could sense their agony and pain, which is simply exceptional acting. We don't understand why Angeline Malik’s acting in the drama has been really unpleasant when most of her acting in previous plays has been well. While performing emotionally intense scenes, Zaviar still has a lot of space for development. After the climax, the episode was a little enjoyable to watch overall, but not everyone performed to their full potential.We are eager to find out whether Saad, Maheer, and Areeb will go on with their lives or whether there will be more conflict between them in the future.

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