Yumna Zaidi Starrer Tere Bin Becomes the Reigning Blockbuster this Week!

The drama that has the everyone talking is soon coming towards its grand finale, airing twice a week, Tere Bin on ...
Published 14 Apr, 2023 10:15am

The drama that has the everyone talking is soon coming towards its grand finale, airing twice a week, Tere Bin on Geo television has been an absolute delight to watch. With drama, romance and sizzling chemistry between the lead pair, Yumna Zaidi and Wahaj Ali, Tere Bin is winning the TRP race, leaving the rest far behind with a remarkable 11.1 TRPs on this week’s episode.

This Week’s Recap

It is surprising to see Haya always finding out secrets about everyone in the family, not only did she realise Murtasim and Meerub were not expecting their first child together but she also snooped around to find evidence on it and alas found the much secretly guarded contract that was made by Meerub on her wedding day. This time it is Maryam’s secret that she has stumbled upon. On her secret quest to refuse Norez’s proposal she managed to come across Meerub and Maryam who were coincidentally in the same restaurant meeting with Anas aka Malik Zubair, Murtasim’s sworn enemy. Haya becomes fully aware of what is happening and also decides to gather proof of it on her phone. She decides to keep the proof to herself and will be using it later to create a much bigger scene it seems.

Meerub and Murtasim’s sizzling chemistry is enough to make anyone blush. Murtasim cannot stop wooing Meerub but it seems like Meerub is still not convinced of his undying love for her. While she still talks about a ‘pasand ki shaadi’ after what happened to them, she strongly believes they are a mismatch and should not have been married, however we are sure Murtasim does not agree to this. His dreamy look and longing for Meerub in his eyes is enough to prove otherwise.

The one of many lovey dovey scenes between Meerasim in Tere Bin reminds us of the popular ‘Chai’ scene from Zindagi Gulzar Hai where a similar intimate scene between Zaroon and Kashaf had the audience swooning, this time around it is Meerub and Murtasim who has the audience giddy with excitement!

Meerub decides to help Maryam marry the love of her life, Anas and promises her a life with the man she loves unlike a relationship like hers that was fored upon her. Little does she know, Haya has her own devious plan up her sleeve to save herself from a forceful marriage. Anas aka Malik Zubair has both Maryam and Meerub fooled and is playing a dirty game simply to get back at Murtasim for decades of war between their families.

Expectations for the upcoming climax episodes

While Yumna Zaidi’s Meerub may stand steadfast on her decision of not falling in love with Murtasib, the audience believes she is going to soon realise she’s making a mistake and will reciprocate Murtasim’s feelings. The daily banter between the two has been the highlight of the show and they will be sorely missed. We truly hope the show makers have a happy ending in store for us.