Tere Bin Ep 38: Is Meerub Finally Falling in Love with Murtasim?

This week has seen an influx of back to back episodes of one of the most loved dramas on television, Yumna Zaidi and...
Published 28 Apr, 2023 05:18pm

This week has seen an influx of back to back episodes of one of the most loved dramas on television, Yumna Zaidi and Wahaj Ali romantic saga, Tere Bin managed to make Meethi Eid much more sweeter!

With four episodes instead of the two per week, Tere Bin has been reigning the charts with the highest TRP’s. Fans are loving the show and cannot get enough of the romantic drama.

The biggest question on all our minds, is Meerub finally falling in love with Murtasim?

The jealous streak seems to have taken over Meerub and not only has she finally begun acting like Murtasim’s wife, but is also interested in his whereabouts and continues to pester him for answers. The latest episode shows him being followed by Meerub, only for her to discover he has been helping out a widow with financial help after her husband was killed off by Murtasim’s enemies. Meerab is left in utter shock and she realises Murtasim truly is the angel that he seems to be. She apologises for not trusting him and asks him to continue working for the betterment of those less privileged.

The highlight of the episode has to be Meerub and Murtasim’s sizzling chemistry after she questions herself on being in love with the man who has most definitely stolen hearts of all the women watching Tere Bin only for the titular actor, Wahaj Ali. As a devoted audience, we are rooting for a much needed happy ending for the two and can’t wait for all the parallel storylines to be moved out of the way.

Will Murtasim Discover the truth about Anas?

Meerab and Murtasim have their own share of a she-villain in their happy lovey-dovey love story, Haya, however, these days it is the storyline of Maryam and Anas that is coming in between them. While Murtasim believes Maryam should get married where their mother has decided for her, Meerab has decided to help Maryam marry Anas come what may. She not only forced Murtasim to meet Anas and his family but also managed to convince her mother in law, Maa Begum of the same. The red flags in Anas are highly prominent but it seems like Maryam and Meerab are both too gullible to see how Anas has been lying to them all along pretending to be someone he clearly is not. It is only a matter of time before Anas’ true identity as Malik Zubair is revealed and all hell will break loose, we just hope this isn’t what tears Meerab and Murtasim apart forever!

What’s Next?

Will Maryam decide to run away with Anas aka Malik Zubair as her only escape from a loveless marriage? Will Meerab help Maryam escape? We truly hope not! Let’s not forget Haya already knows who Malik Zubair is pretending to be but is holding the truth to herself, waiting for the perfect opportunity to create havoc as always!