Mujhe Pyar Hua Tha Episode 22: A Loan Nobody Knows About

Saad now has to deal with another difficulty after receiving a bank notification alerting him that his father...
Published 26 May, 2023 08:49am

Saad now has to deal with another difficulty after receiving a bank notification alerting him that his father borrowed 50 Lac Rupees for a business that they now have to repay.

"Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha" airs on ARY Digital every Monday. The main characters of the drama are Maheer (Hania Amir), Saad (Wahaj Ali), and Areeb (Zaviar Noman), who are entangled in a complicated love triangle. Saad has loved Maheer all of his life, but he has never admitted it. But when Areeb meets Maheer and they fall in love, a new chapter in their lives began. They were set to get married, but due to a minor misunderstanding, Saad ended up getting married to Maheer, instead. As the plot develops, Maheer must now make a difficult choice between the two men.

Saad advised Maheer remain at her parents' home after observing Neelo's reaction to seeing Maheer. For her to have a few days of peace and quiet away from all of this tension, her mother sends her go with Anabia.

At home, Neelo hands Saad a letter from the bank through which they find out that they are indebted to a 50-lac loan. Saad is surprised to learn about this because his father never told him about any loans and why he took such a hefty amount. Their mother told them that their father wanted to set up a business for Saad but it did not work out.

At Anabia's home, Anabia called Areeb to arrange a meeting with Maheer without telling her. Areeb is still adamant that Maheer leaves Saad. Saad shows up during the conversation after finding out through Rafia that she is at Anabia. When Saad overhears their talk and Areeb suggests that Maheer should think about leaving Saad, he becomes so heartbroken that he departs before hearing Maheer's response. Maheer told Areeb off, saying, she wouldn't be leaving Saad.

Back at home, Neelo hands Saad a letter from the bank, informing him that they owe a 50-lac loan. Saad is shocked to learn about this because his father never informed him of any loans or the reason, he took out one for such a sizable sum. Their mother informed them that their father took this loan to start a business for Saad, but it was unsuccessful.

Rafia tries to portray this as a sneaky plot by their family to seize the house and claim their share when Azhar and Rafia learn of it, claiming that his brother was not stupid to obtain such a sizable loan without telling them. Rafia was informed by Azhar, however, that Azhar was the one who his brother, initially asked for the money, and that when he excused, he must have contacted the bank.

They have no other way to come up with such a large sum of money, so Neelo advises that they sell the house to pay off the loan. Saad scolds Neelo, insisting that he would not sell the house no matter what. Hiba's brother is perhaps the manager of the same branch, so Saad seeks her for assistance. Through her help they eventually got some time to pay off the loan rather than having to pay it immediately.

Anabia and Maheer spotted Hiba and Saad together as they were walking to the bank to have a discussion with her brother about this situation. Maheer rejected Anabia's attempt to plant a seed of doubt in her heart by refusing to believe what she said. However, Saad's phone was off when Maheer tried to call him while he was with Hiba.

Anabia wants Maheer to accompany her to celebrate her birthday with her, but she does not want to go. While Maheer was making a cake for Anabia, Areeb enters the kitchen. Instead of standing in the kitchen, Maheer asks him to go sit outside. Maheer leaves Anabia's house since she felt uneasy meeting Anabia's friends.

Rafia is enraged and believes that Neelo stole the property file that Azhar, himself had given her so that Saad could sell the house and pay off the loan. Maheer shows up as Rafia is yelling about how they intend to sell the house and that the loan is only a cover for doing so.

Maheer's continued foolish behaviour in the episode was disheartening once more. Why, given that Anabia is friends with Areeb, did she ever agree to go to Anabia's home? Fortunately, she did reprove Areeb for his offer to leave Saad. Since Hiba's angle makes absolutely no sense, we just cannot comprehend why it is included in the story at all. Despite Maheer has told both Anabia and Rafia that she wants to stay in this relationship, it is now clearly apparent just how despicable they both are.

We appreciate Neelo's rational thinking and her advice to Saad, but it appears that he will keep acting the emotional fool that he has been from the start. How do you suppose Saad will repay the loan? Post a comment and let us know.