Dil Na Umeed Toh Nahi: Yumna Zaidi’s ‘Sumbul’ is A Force to Reckon With!

Dil Na Umeed toh Nahi has us hooked with its one of a kind narrative!
Published 19 May, 2021 05:04pm

A play by Kashf Foundation that covers the bitter realities of the evils that prevail in our society. Dil Na Umeed Toh Nahi is one drama that is not a run off the mill, there is no hero, heroine nor has a jealous sister in the plot. Once you begin watching it you will not be able to stop, with its heart wrenching narratives, mind boggling script and thought provoking dialogues this is one play that is definitely worth your time. Directed by Kashif Nisar and written by Bee Gul, the drama based on never losing hope is an eye-opening and captivating watch for all.

Dil Na Umeed toh Nahi is back on air after a month long hiatus, the drama had been paused due to the holy month of Ramadan. The 14th episode aired on Monday this week, left previously on a cliff-hanger, we were anxious to know what happened after Sumbul (Yumna Zaidi)ran away from the brothel’s henchmen Ikram after Savera (Yasra Rizvi) held on to him to help Sumbul escape.

The Plot

Sumbul finds herself in the home of an old man after running from Ikram. The man gave her a place to rest and some food, he did seem like a good Samaritan but little did she know he was just as vile as the men who came to Aunty’s brothel, he tried to take advantage of her and she bravely escaped once more after hitting him over his head with a rod.

Naseem Zehra’s story who we believed had come to an end after her dreams of becoming a cricketer were shattered by her father (Noorul Hassan) has been shown a ray of hope by her mother (Samiya Mumtaz) and her coach, while her mother has encouraged them to study secretly at home, her coach has asked her to continue training within the confinement of her home. Her coach believes she has the potential to play cricket professionally after a few years and thinks that her father will be easily convinced in the future.

Happy days lie ahead for Jamshed as he is now in the process of being adopted by the his neighbour, we finally saw a happy and smiling Jamshed after the longest time.

Dil Na Umeed toh Nahi - The drama that deserves more recognition than it receives

This is one drama that is very close to reality, the bitter truth about the societal evils that our country suffers from are shown brilliantly through various narratives in the play. Fighting for girl-child rights to education and free will is the little girl Naseem Zehra who has been forbidden to play cricket or go to school due to the brainwashing of a cleric. Sumbul played by Yumna Zaidi is the story of a little girl sold into prostitution by her family for a few thousands just to fulfil the dowry needs of another daughter. Child beggary, child labour prevailing in the country has been portrayed by Jamshed a child who was forced to beg and steal on the streets by the beggary mafia of a huge metropolis.

The Good - Noman Ijaz & Yumna Zaidi Steal the Show!

Noman Ijaz who swoops in like an angel to save Jamshed from being physically abused by his employers has melted our hearts. The legendary actor’s performance is a treat for the sore eyes. We love the bond him and Wahaj Ali who plays the older Jamshed share.

Aunty (Navid Shehzad) who is the brothel’s caretaker and like a mother to the girls there, had some hard hitting dialogues in the episode and was phenomenal throughout the show, we certainly did develop a love-hate relationship with her character, however, it seems like this was the last time we would be seeing her on the play after she seems to have been sent away to ‘Umrah’ by the owner.

Yumna Zaidi is a force to reckon with, each dialogue delivery and expression of hers, with various transitions in her body language and voice are simply a piece of art, we are anxious to see her sharing the screen with the maestro Noman Ijaz and Wahaj Ali in the next episode.

The many expressions of Yumna Zaidi as Sumbul

What’s Next?

What will happen to Savera and the other girls from the brothel now that Aunty is no longer their care taker? Will Sumbul be able to rescue Savera as promised? Watch the next episode of Dil Na Umeed toh Nahi on Monday at 8PM on TV One.