Ishq e Laa: Yumna Zaidi, Uzma Hassan and Simi Raheal Steal the Show This Week!

Latest developments in Ishq e Laa have us hooked to the riveting story!
Published 09 Apr, 2022 11:20pm

Azka and Azlan Clash Once Again!

Our hero Azlan and Azka have had a rocky relationship from their first encounter, as fate would have it this has continued to date and the two absolutely despise each other. Not only does Azlan blame Azka for Shanaya’s untimely death but he also hates the fact that she visits her grave every day.

From Azka finally standing upto Abid, breaking off things with Zain and also answering back to Azlan. Yumna Zaidi’s character has had quite the development since she has become a doctor in the drama after 5 long years. She is now able to face the world confidently and speaks her mind without any fear of what the next thinks. She believes in the goodness of Allah and remains undettered by Azlan’s rude and crass behaviour towards her.

We loved the hospital scene between the duo where Azlan forbids her from visiting Shanaya’s grave, Azka tells him he has no right to stop her from going to the graveyard and she would not listen to him. On the other hand, her thundering slap to Abid has certainly put him in his place after he now rots in jail for drug trafficking.

Kanwal’s Second Marriage Sends a Great Message to the Viewers!

Azka’s sister-in-law, Kanwal was seen getting married in this week’s episode. The marriage of a widow was definitely a much needed change that could have been shown in the drama. The conversation between Azkas mother and Kanwal was heart-touching where Simmi Raheel steals the show with her superb acting prowess, talking about a woman’s right to marry in Islam after being divorced and choosing to get a widowed daughter married first instead of the spinster made us teary-eyed and we couldn’t help but wish there were more mother-in-law’s out there who shared this mindset. However, we do feel the decision should not have been imposed on Kanwal and she should have been seen making the decision on her own accord. Our hearts went out to the young Aliya who was visibly upset watching her mother getting married and going away.

Has Zain and Azka’s Love Story Come to an End?

The last episode saw Azka breaking off her relationship with Zain whom she loved dearly. She did not wish for him to upset his parents and go against them to marry her. However, Zain decided to take matters in his own hands and went to visit his fiancé, telling her the truth about his past. This led to a domino effect where the girl broke off the engagement, Zain’s sister was then sent home packing and her husband decided to finally bring her back only to tell her she would no longer be ‘allowed’ to keep any relationship with her brother Zain. Is this going to see Zain return to Azka’s life or will she stick to her decision of not marrying him? Watch Ishq e Laa in the coming week to find out.