Fraud Drama Review: Lies, Betrayal and Yet Another Sham Marriage!

The Plot thickens as Fraud sees yet another victim of Tabraiz's con.
Published 16 Aug, 2022 01:05am

ARY Digital's 'Fraud' has audiences hooked since its first episode. Playing the antagonist in the drama, Ahsan Khan's 'Tabraiz' has once again played the role of the baddie in this drama. The con-man is shown to be part of a gang that carries out the biggest frauds ever, destroying the lives of many young girls and their families.

Tabraiz (Ahsan Khan) is joined by Seifee Hassan and his madam played by Annie Zaidi who both act as his parents. The diabolical trio have managed to fool parents of girls into marrying Tabraiz and transferring their wealth in his name after which the three vanish into thin air leaving the bride and her family to deal with all the consequences behind. The latest episode saw them looting everything from Rehana and her parents and disappearing into the night. The episode definitely left us feeling hopeless as we watched the girl from the village, Rehana going through divorce for a second time. It is important to note that the fraud the trio commits not only ruins the life of the girl in question but also shatters the hopes of her parents who are left behind to pick up the pieces after Tabraiz and his gang leave.

However, it seems like things have turned sour within the band of thieves, Tabraiz not only tears up the cheque into pieces but also storms out vowing never to work with the madam and Khawar again. He believes he is the star of the show and the two cannot work without him.

Saba Qamar Delivers the Best Scene of the Episode!

Our hearts went out for Maya (Saba Qamar) as she fought her battle silently this episode. The happy occasion of her sister's wedding was slowly turning out to be a traumatising experience for her where she was left out of all the preparations and then stopped from doing any of the customary traditions either. It was finally good to see her father, Nisar Sahab (Mehmood Aslam) coming to her rescue and asking his wife to stop her nonsensical behaviour that was hurting Maya deeply. Her mother was scared of involving Maya as she believed her being a divorcee and becoming a part of the festivities could be a bad omen for Maila.

The last scene of the episode left viewers with an important point to ponder upon, Maya spoke to her father about coming out of his depression, she asked him why marriage was the most important thing for girls, was it essential for their survival? if not then why did society put such immense pressure on women over marriage. She urged him to let her become his support and help him through all the hardships they are facing. We absolutely loved the scene between the father daughter duo and hope Saba Qamar's message was a lesson to audiences!

The next episode shows a sneak peak into yet another Fraud taking place, but this time it is Shaan (Mikaal Zulfiqar) who is going to become the victim at the hands of his new lady love, his secretary Maria.