Tere Bin's Shocking Plot Twist Shatters Viewers' Hearts!

Yumna Zaidi and Wahaj Ali’s stellar performance has viewers at the edge of their seats
Published 19 May, 2023 10:31am

Pakistan’s most trending drama serial, Tere Bin’s latest episode that aired on Thursday has left viewers shocked! The sudden twist in the storyline has left drama buffs wondering what’s next for Tere Bin? With hopes of the fan favourites Murtasim and Meerab reconciling thrown out the window, the situation is definitely quite bleak and has the audiences in despair! Tere Bin has had viewers at the edge of their seats with every new episode that is evident from the show reigning the charts with the highest TRP’s and the latest episode has taken the internet by storm!

Is this the end for Meerasim fans?

The drama has a special fan following, after Humsafar that featured Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan, Yumna Zaidi and Wahaj Ali have taken over the audiences hearts with their on-screen sizzling chemistry. The two have been ruling the small screen with every episode of Tere Bin becoming the talk of town. The budding romance between the two and Murtasim’s knight in shining armor avatar had the ladies swooning however the latest episode aired has left a question mark in every viewer’s mind.

This week saw Murtasim pining for Meerub while Meerub also slowly realised her affection towards him. Meerub met Rohail, which was definitely another silly decision on her part but as viewers, we’re quite used to her eccentric character and how strong headed she is. Murtasim once again saw Meerub with Rohail and believed the worst. He left Meerub and was heartbroken that she had still not accepted him and was still harbouring feelings for Rohail.

The Return of Meerub

Maa Begum aka Bushra Ansari finally gave in to Maryam’s demands and decided to bring back Meerub herself after Murtasim refused to bring her home. Meerub decided to return with her mother in law and wanted to patch things up with Murtasim. However the third person in the triangle, Haya was ready at play and ruined things for the two, the situation escalated when Meerub found Haya and Murtasim embracing, knowing the fact Murtasim does not lie, we are shocked that Meerub would believe Haya’s word over his.

The argument between the two further escalated with Meerub saying some ultimate foul things to him, slapping Murtasim while he tried to reason with her and spitting on his face. Let’s not forget the massive disrespect she’s shown, however what happened next left all of Murtasim fans in utter shock, he then shut the door behind them and what happens next has been left on the discretion of the viewers. While some are hinting towards marital rape, we for one are hoping nothing of the sort has taken place.

Wahaj Ali and Yumna Zaidi Break Record with Stellar Performance!

The leading pair has always performed par excellence but this week the two have outdone themselves. With every scene, Yumna Zaidi’s acting prowess has shone through, be it her anger, sadness or heartbreak, as viewer’s we’ve felt it all. Wahaj Ali pining for his Meerub has pulled at our heart strings. The big show down between the two sent chills down our spine leaving us shocked. From the dialogue delivery to body language, every scene was flawlessly acted by both Yumna and Wahaj! Kudos to them both for having the global audience rooting for them.

Audiences react after last night’s episode!


Some also related it with Humsafar!

What’s Next?

A sneak peek in to next week’s episode shows a broken Meerub sitting at the edge of the bed. The she-devil Haya strikes once again and manipulates Meerub, forcing her to leave Murtasim. The end of the promo shows Meerub leaving with a tear-stricken face. Will this be the end for Murtasim and Meerub? Tune in to the next episode to find out!