Syra Yousaf shares an endearing dialogue between daughter and her

Nooreh is just too cute to handle, Masha Allah
Updated 27 Mar, 2020 09:17pm

There’s nothing as pure and beautiful as the mother-daughter bond. They fight, they make up, they cry, they laugh, and it’s truly a soul connection that never dies.

Syra Yousaf recently shared a picture of her adorable munchkin Nooreh drawing something and shared dialogue between the two in its caption. The child asked her mom why she said 'ouch' when Nooreh hit her head, to which Syra didn’t have an answer.

Nooreh responded:

Cox when I get hurt you feel it.

And our hearts are melting. Don’t we all cherish these adorable moments with parents?

The ongoing nationwide lockdown has given us all a chance to make amends with family and loved ones, now that we are forced to stay at home round the clock. How are you spending your quarantine?