Muqaddar Review: Faysal Qureshi is Making Our Blood Boil in Drama
Muqaddar Review: Faysal Qureshi is Making Our Blood Boil in Drama

Muqaddar Review: Faysal Qureshi is Making Our Blood Boil in Drama

With Pakistani drama-buffs craving for binge-worthy entertainment in self-isolation, our TV serials are in the limelight
Published 16 Apr, 2020 04:53pm

There is also a real hunger for stories that are believable with not-so-clichéd plots that the audience can relate to. And one such drama running on our screens this season is Geo Entertainment’s much-hyped ‘Muqaddar’.

Penned by Iqbal Bano, directed by Shehrzade Sheikh, the drama’s cast features Faisal Qureshi, Madiha Imam, Ali Ansari and Haroon Shahid in pivotal roles.

For those who are following it will agree that it is a story with a cause. With feudalism so highly dominant in the country, the production aims to unmask the hostile practices by Feudal Lords that still exist in modern-day Pakistan.

However, this drama is not the first one to do so. There have been many projects before Muqaddar that attempted to expose the same. So what is making this story stand out? Is it just Faisal Qureshi or there is more to Muqaddar? Let’s analyze the plot and let’s see what the drama has in store for us.

Feudalism put into the spotlight

If truth be told, when the drama started, we mused that it will be Faisal Qureshi’s star power that will give it a winning edge over its rivals.

But we were wrong. Muqaddar came out as a surprise! Despite its minor flaws, its aggressive account of a feudal tycoon abducting an innocent woman will keep you riveted throughout! Eight episodes down, the drama continues to maintain a steady pace, ensuring that the audience doesn’t lose interest while compelling them to return for more.

Raima, played by Madiha Imam, becomes a victim of a cruel abduction by Sardar Saif, essayed by Faisal Qureshi.

Of course, you feel sorry for Raima. She is a confident, empowered young girl, madly in love with her fiancée Haris, played by Ali Ansari. And when her world is turned upside down by the ill-fated kidnapping, she chooses suicide over getting married to her captor against her will. But even death disappoints her. While her suicide attempt fails, Sardar Saif threatens to kill Haris if she continues to show reluctance towards marrying him.

Alas! Our female protagonist has no chance but to tie the knot with her kidnaper, who is the age of her father.

A diabolical man you would love to hate

Dramas with strong villains make the plot all the more hot and spicy. And no one could have pulled off the role of Sardar Saif better than Faisal Qureshi.

The actor, with his salt and pepper look, desi accent and demeanour has aced his performance, making every scene realistic. You will cringe as he lustfully gazes at Raima, so much so, you will be compelled to strangle him over his vile intentions.

But it is Madiha Imam that shines bright!

The actress is one underrated thespian in our industry. But her followers will know that she justifies every role she sets her mind to. And so she did with Raima as well. You can feel her helplessness, the grief in her eyes and her repulsion over being in the custody of the Sardar. In some of the scenes, you want to cry with her, especially when her powerless soul decides to take her own life.

But will this turn into a ‘Beauty and the Beast’ tale?

People who are familiar with the phrase Stockholm syndrome must be aware that it signifies how hostages get attached to their captors during the abduction.

Fans of the drama are contemplating that a similar phenomenon will be seen happening in Muqaddar. Raima will eventually give her heart to Sardar Saif and change him for good! How much of their deliberations are true, only time will tell.

However, we hope that the makers of Muqaddar will ponder overturning the drama into a Beauty and the beast romance. Instead, it will be wonderful if Raima rises from the ashes, defeats her feudal lord and becomes a voice for so many Pakistani women who are surviving through similar circumstances.