Pehli Si Muhabbat: This Intense Love Saga Will Make You Swoon!

PSM is a romantic tale of first love where Rakhshi & Aslam fall in love with each other but are faced with a number of hurdles.
Updated 24 Jan, 2021 11:43am

Pehli Si Muhabbat was one of the top Twitter trends before its first episode aired. Shehryar Munawar and Maya Ali are making a comeback to our television screens after a long hiatus. The block-buster duo was last seen in Parey Hut Love. Maya plays the perfect girl-next-door in Pehli Si Muhabbat while Shehryar is our ever-so-charming hero, 'Aslam'.

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A beautiful tale of first-love, intense drama and neighbourhood rivalry!

We are introduced to Aslam (Sheheryar Munawar) who has just been told that his engagement has been fixed with his cousin Bushra. The story then takes us to Rakhshi played by the ever-gorgeous Maya Ali who is heartbroken over her father’s (Shabbir Jan) sudden marriage to a woman not much older than herself (Rabia Butt).

Akram ‘Bhai’ played by the dapper designer Hassan Shehryar (HSY) is Aslam’s older brother. He leads the neighbourhood men on a quest against Rakhshi's father Faizullah because of his marriage to a young woman with a dubious background. Aslam tries to save the day by calming them down by reasoning with them to stop the ‘pathrao’ on the house. He swoops in like a knight in shining armour and saves the damsel in distress - Rakhshi from this stressful situation. This is where the two first meet and we believe it is where this love story begins!

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Rakhshi and Aslam Sizzle On Screen!

The chemistry between Rakhshi and Aslam is sizzling hot, the scene where Aslam saves her from the mob outside her house, has us all swooning. The doe-eyed couple is absolutely nailing the ‘pehla pyaar’ look in this scene. Shehryar and Maya have both aced it here!

Watch this epic scene below!

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Rakhshi's character albeit soft spoken and well-behaved, still managed to call out her father on his second marriage and questioned his choice of marriage, which definitely had us applauding for her!

HSY’s Debut Performance Will Surprise You!

HSY pleasantly shocks us with his debut performance, would you have ever thought of seeing him clad in a shalwar kameez and ‘topi’ donning a fully grown beard? HSY definitely grabbed some eyeballs in his very first Pakistani drama debut.

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Thumbs up for the Production & Direction

Pehli Si Mohabbat boasts an impressive cast that includes, Sheheryar Munavar, Maya Ali, Saba Faisal, Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY), Rabia Butt and Nausheen Shah. Produced under the banner of iDream Entertainment and under the brilliant direction of Anjum Shahzad, while it has been been wonderfully penned down by Faiza Ifthikar. With such a great team behind the drama, we are now anxiously waiting to see how this epic love saga unfolds in the upcoming weeks!

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What’s Next?

After an explosive first episode, Pehli Si Muhabbat already has us hooked! We can’t help but wonder how this first-love will bloom between Rakhshi and Aslam. Will the neighbourhood men gang up on Faizullah and force him to leave the locality? Watch the next episode to find out!