Dil Ruba Excites As Hania’s Escapades Come To A Halt!

With the stakes being raised in episodes 5 and 6, as ploys are called out, we are left to wonder what will happen next!
Updated 03 May, 2020 09:28pm

HUM TV’s Dil Ruba continues to excite with its interesting situations, hopeless romantics, and a fiery girl who knows no boundaries. It is certainly not for the weak-hearted as it brings chills when you think of someone actually doing what Sanam has done in the first six episodes. Hania Aamir’s character of a carefree and stunning youngster is winning hearts on and off the screen, with the latest episode bringing a halt to her escapades. She broke the heart of two boys at the same time and is getting married to one who loves someone else. Is that the end for the Sanam of many, it remains to be seen!

The Plot

Sanam (Hania Aamir) loves the attention of her friends and family but what she doesn’t realize is that her carefree attitude makes men fall in love with her. There was Junaid (Shehroz Sabzwari) who gifts her expensive stuff all the time just to stay in her good books; Ayaz (Asad Siddiqui) a friendly neighborhood photographer with sinister motives; and Sabih (Mohib Mirza) who fell in love with Sanam’s innocence without understanding that she was using him. Her sister (Durr e Fisha) suspects that she is just flirting with these guys for monetary gains, so when two of her three one-sided affairs are busted, even she stops supporting her. At the end of the sixth episode, Sanam ends up getting Nikahfied with Razi (Nabeel Zuberi) who had called off his own wedding to save his family from further embarrassment.

The Good

Hania Aamir’s performance as the girl next door who wants to be loved is brilliant; her portrayal is spot-on, and very relatable if you know someone who acts the same way. The scene in the fifth episode where Sabih (Mohib Mirza) drops her at her college and she is greeted by Junaid (Shehroz Sabzwari) is too good to ignore. Mohib Mirza plays the middle-aged lover who believes he has found the right girl but loses it when he overhears a conversation between the two sisters, with the elder one taking his side, and the cuter one being plain and simple mean. His performance in the scene at the beach and also when the Nikaah was taking place was exemplary and a treat to watch. This was the Mohib Mirza the audience fell in love with, who was wasting his talent in films.

Asad Siddiqui had a couple of scenes in the two episodes but they will have a great impact in the coming ones. As a predator who makes his way into the hearts of beautiful girls as a photographer and then blackmails them (possibly), he is menacing when in full form. If you didn’t know him in reality, you would have hated him for his performance. Durre Fisha as the elder sister is shown to be the sane sibling yet no one listens to her whereas Shehroz Sabzwari sleepwalks through the role of a youngster in love who wants to be with the girl of his dreams at any cost. It was good to see senior actors like Huma Nawab, Marina Khan, Khaled Anam, Laila Wasti, and Sajeeruddin Khalifa doing a good job and if the next episode is as good as the promo, we are in for a blast!

The Bad

If there ever was a list compiled of the most irritating actors in the country, Amber Wajid’s name might be in the top three. The host-turned-actress stands out in every scene she is in and not in a good way. The character of a greedy mother of the bride could have been played in so many better ways but she knows only one way. Popping her eyes out, shouting like a maniac and listening to no one, to which she seems to have a copyright. The scene in which a relative from the bride’s family adds chili powder to the flowers seemed to have been done haphazardly and looked fake, to say the least. Writer Qaisera Hayat and director Ali Hassan could have thought of something else to show that relations between the two sides have worsened, but they went the easy, less expensive way.

How did Junaid’s mother (Huma Nawab) find out where Sanam lived is nothing compared to a bigger mystery - the sudden emergence of the elderly family uncle! He wasn’t there in the first five episodes when Razi was getting ready for his wedding, and appeared suddenly with his advice when no one was expecting. Maybe he knows something that we don’t, but I hardly doubt that he will appear again in the drama. By the way, where is the Dubai wala bhai in all this who runs the house but is only available on phone!

The Verdict: Electrifying!

Although the scene where two of the best actresses from the 1990s – Marina Khan and Huma Nawab – had a discussion over Sanam could have been made more explosive, I feel that in the next episode it will happen again. And by that time, it would be in a different scenario as Sanam is set to marry Razi, Ayaz would be the photographer at the wedding, Junaid would hit rock bottom, and Sabih’s love interest would be his brother’s wife. Ouch! The scenes where the writer and director have worked hard are visible whereas the pace at which the drama is going is simply electrifying. Let’s see what happens in the coming episodes where Sanam tries to adjust to her new life with ex-boyfriends wanting her to fail, a mother who believes that she did the right thing and a groom who wants to avenge his step-brother’s tears without realizing that he has married the very girl!