Discovering Young Talent in Pakistan

With Asif Magsi's famous 'bike jumping' which went viral on YouTube, Dilawar Baloch from Bhakkar has taken on the challenge.
Published 19 Aug, 2020 03:48pm

After the rise of Asif Magsi from Thatta another gifted youngster, Dilawar Baloch, demonstrated his abilities by effectively hopping over 12 cruisers in Punjab's Bhakkar, detailed The News.

As indicated by the distribution, the inhabitants of the territory gave a money prize to Dilawar Khan, an occupant of Behl Nasheeb zone of Bhakkar, for breaking Asif Magsi's record of bouncing over 11 bikes. Afterward, the military selected Magsi who had long-jumped over 11 cruisers and said it would give preparing to him after he had picked up notoriety through long hop on none other than the social media streaming site, TikTok.

Dilawar was an occupant of Behl Nasheeb region of Bhakkar. The Army had enlisted Magsi who had hopped over 11 engine cycles and would give preparing to him who had picked up popularity through long hop on TikTok. Local people gave money prize to Dilawar Khan Baloch for breaking Muhammad Asif's 11 bikes record. Long bouncing in vogue nowadays because of the heroics of Magsi, whose jump was seen world over, even by the incomparable American competitor Carl Lewis. Earlier, Asif Magsi had impressed everyone with a couple of his long jump videos, making him an instant internet star. His talent was instantly recognized by former Olympics gold medalist, Carl Lewis, and was also recruited by Pakistan Army for further training. The fisherman by profession was also called by the Pakistan Athletics Federation for trails and training with top coaches.

There’s no dearth of talent in Pakistan. All talented individuals need is some motivation and a platform to showcase their skills and startle everyone. We see Pakistani youngsters doing wonders and show casing their talent through different ways especially after getting the platform such as TikTok to make videos and come forward. We see some of our youth going towards acting, television shows, singing, dramas, sports or getting recruited in the army as well.

It is evident that Pakistan is leaping forward in terms of talent, especially with the platform and influence of social media. Every day we see some different talent coming up and forward to be presented. We truly see that the Quaid’s Country is filled immense talent and hard work and we wish that Pakistan moves forward with talent and success further as well.