Salma Marwat Khan: Victress of the 5th Thal Jeep Rally

Salma Marwat Khan empowers women in Pakistan with her racing skills and talent for motorsports!
Updated 02 Dec, 2020 04:05pm

Post-Aurat March 2019 Pakistan is all about featuring empowered women who overcome society's injustices and stereotypes. It's additionally about ladies who are demonstrating they're not throwing in the towel and are here to investigate and conquer each domain.

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In ongoing years, women in Pakistan have gotten a more dynamic incentive to investigate and therefore participate in various spaces, which may have been infrequently found previously. Regardless of whether it very well might be some female understudies from a private college making their own race vehicle and contending with it in a global rivalry or be it the Pakistani female racers demonstrating their determination in Gwadar's rough terrain rally.

Our strong Pakistani women are good examples of breaking generalizations and slowly clearing a path for other ladies to follow in their footsteps. Salma Marwat Khan is the most recent illustration of these motivating females and she has demonstrated her grit in Pakistani motorsports. She is a popular rally driver and in her latest race, she has effectively made sure about the title of being Pakistan's speediest female driver!

This came after she marvelously won the Chakwal 4×4 rough terrain rally. This Chakwal rough terrain rally where Salma Marwat Khan got the principal position in the ladies classification additionally granted Asma Raza Siddiqi and Anila Khan the second and third positions, individually. After this, the speedy racer has managed to also win the 5th Thal Jeep Rally!

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This is a colossal success for Salma Marwat Khan as she outmatched last year's champ, Anila Khan, who came in third. Likewise, in contrast with the current year's champ, Anila Khan is a veteran assembly driver and her dashing vocation ranges over numerous prizes. For example, as an assembly driver, she has won titles of the Safranga Rally, Hub Rally just as the Sawat Rally.

Who is Salma Marwat Khan?

Salma Marwat Khan is Pakistan's rising talent through her speedy racing prowess. Last year, she won the debut Chakwal 4×4 test rough terrain rally before going on to leave a lasting impression by emerging victorious in the 5th Thal Desert Jeep Rally.

When asked about her motivation to join the field of motorsports in Pakistan, Salma Marwat Khan's answer unmistakably showed that she didn't come into this game just on the grounds adoration for the sport, she needs to accomplish something different too. She stated, "It's an extraordinary inclination to win titles, I love motorsports and I mean to be the best in this game."

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Salma is being proclaimed as the new rising face of female race-drivers in Pakistan, however this isn't her only accomplishment. Prior to her current victory, she has contended in almost eight unique mobilizes and has won 4 rough terrain rally titles.

The general motorsports scene in Pakistan has more going on than meets the eye, specially when we see our strong Pakistani women winning titles. To discover more about that, remain tuned for additional updates!