Ahsan Khan and Amar Khan Are Set to Star in ‘Qayamat’

The two actors are ready to star in the exciting upcoming series - giving us a glimpse of their thrilling chemistry!
Published 11 Sep, 2020 06:13pm

Ahsan Khan, who already owns the screens in his drama ‘Bandhe Ek Dour Se’ will be starring in a brand new signature series by Abdullah Kadwani, titled ‘Qayamat’. Starring opposite the Alif actor will be the versatile Dil-e-Ghumshuda's Amar Khan!

Amar Khan has dazzled us with her strong and convinving performances on screen, being experienced in the supernatural genre with ‘Belapur Ki Dayan’ and powerful leading roles in ‘Ghughi’, and ‘Choti Choti Batain’. The actor is stirring curiosity as news comes of her latest project venture with the esteemed Ahsan Khan, and fans are delighted to see the thrilling chemistry unfold on screen between the actors in this riveting serial.

‘Qayamat’ is an intriguing drama serial which is penned by award-winning Main Abdul Qadir Hoon playwright, Sarwat Nazir, and directed by Ali Faizan Anchan, who has also worked with Ahsan Khan, directing the family-oriented Bandhay Ek Dour Se. The play will also have a stellar cast adding to its allure, including Neelam Muneer, Shabbir Jan, Saba Faisal, and Haroon Shahid, intensifying the anticipation.

With an exceptionally talented team and cast, Qayamat is already enticing audiences with snippets of exciting stories and information, and we can't wait for a teaser to come out. With a storyline full of intrigue, drama, magnetic chemistry, and strong emotion, the series is set to make a sterling impression!