Pakistani Short Film 'Bridge' Makes an Impression

'Bridge' is a short film starring Mashal Khan and Hamzah Tariq Jameel leaves us with a valuable lesson.
Updated 17 Sep, 2020 04:38pm

'They say history repeats itself! They also say that life comes full circle, but what if that becomes a never ending vicious circle? Expect the unexpected'

The description of the film already gives us a clue that we'll be in for one intense ride, with the lurking darkness at night to fully decked up bride perched on a bridge...this film did not waste any time adding shock value.

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Directed by Murtaza Chaudary, this SeePrime orginal feature stars Thora Sa Haq actor Mashal Khan and our very own 'Dude With a Sign', Hamzah Tariq Jamil. Mashal's role as a runaway bride who seems to be ready to jump off is already bordering on a sensitive topic in Pakistan, which adds to the intense thrill throughout the short film. Jamil's portrayal as a writer searching for a story adds to the snippets of comic relief as he attempts to coerce the jaded dulhan away from the bridge and inevitably threatening to jump off.

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In the eerie hours of the night our mind first jumps to the stories we read on creepy korma or the tales we grew up hearing which deter us from roaming the streets at night, especially if we come across a beautiful bride in tears. Where Mashal provides the full emotional unraveling with her hauntingly genuine emotions and powerful dialogue delivery, Hamzah Tariq Jamil gives us the sarcastic, witty and wandering writer, who is in fact trying to save this poor girls life. A nod to both the actors who made the performance an enjoyable one!

Murtaza Chaudary has molded the story in such a way that we do not see the twists and turns that await us. Initially, we hear the typical standard story about a girl who left her wedding as it was not one of her choice, only to be lost, as the man she truly wanted to marry had moved on. But no, this story keeps us guessing till the end.

We get hooked as we watch the back and forth between the two perfect strangers, as we discover more and more about them in this moment in the dark of night, conjuring up an emotional storm. Or so we thought, Jamil does not turn out to be the 'random' writer we assume, in fact, his story is much darker than that, including a modern edge which leaves us speechless as the film ends with him atop the bridge and Mashal's scorned bride character is left shocked by what she sees in her camera.

Revealing the unpredictable conclusion would corrupt the entire purpose of the film, ruining the surprise element. It's refreshing to see a different perspective which invites us to not only use our imagination, but actually not be able to expect the outcome!

To find out why you'll be left as surprised as we were, watch the short film here: